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inFOCUS Quarterly

Summer 2014

America's Global Withdrawal


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Truth [74 words]


Jun 9, 2010 22:47

Is there a way to download for playback on an IPod?
[w/response by The JPC] [27 words]


Dec 27, 2007 21:00

American Foreign Policy in the Middle East [15 words]

Stephen Cohen 

Dec 18, 2007 16:57

Wonderful discussion [56 words]

Rev. Mike Gormican 

Dec 18, 2007 14:17

If only Jews like this foursome DID control the world [142 words]

Sally in Birmingham AL 

Dec 18, 2007 08:58

logic and truth [24 words]

stanley landsman 

Dec 17, 2007 22:53

MP3 Download?
[w/response by The JPC] [32 words]

Allan Grant 

Dec 17, 2007 18:59

  mp3 download
[w/response by The JPC] [21 words]

Matt Weintrau 

Dec 30, 2007 02:12

  Thanks for a good post [5 words]


Dec 29, 2008 16:07

Good comments! But I continue to believe Annapolis is not about "peace" but war - with Iran [89 words]


Dec 17, 2007 17:13

Many Dennis Prager meetup group members were there [52 words]

Andy Dreisch 

Dec 17, 2007 16:26

Enlightening and Important [25 words]

Alice Greenfield 

Dec 16, 2007 20:18

Why Moslems Cannot Recognize Israel as a Jewish State [193 words]

U Harold Males 

Dec 16, 2007 20:15

John the New Yorker referred to it. [34 words]


Dec 16, 2007 19:30

Thank You for Some Welcome Desperately Needed Truth-Telling [107 words]

Herbert Rubin, M.D. 

Dec 16, 2007 18:52

  Response to Dr. Ruben [34 words]


Dec 17, 2007 14:25

Thank Goodness there are Jews with brains..As a Jew, I thought all Jews had lost their minds. Bless you all.I am so glad that I belong to the Jewish Policy Center [163 words]

Dorothy Wachsstock 

Dec 16, 2007 16:51

  Thanks! [39 words]

Marc Pevar, Co-President, ZOA-Philadelphia 

Dec 16, 2007 23:26

Wonderful! [34 words]


Dec 16, 2007 16:31

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