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inFOCUS Quarterly

Spring 2016

Israel - Beyond the Headlines


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Writings by Alex Finkelstein

Title Publication Date
Poland Favors U.S. Bid for Missile Defense inCONTEXT Blog May 15, 2014
South Sudan Elections Delayed inCONTEXT Blog May 14, 2014
Militants Attack Army Base Near Mosul inCONTEXT Blog May 13, 2014
Syrian Opposition Gains Diplomatic Victory inCONTEXT Blog May 8, 2014
Uighurs Blamed for Knife Attack in China inCONTEXT Blog May 7, 2014
World Bank Loans $12 Billion to Pakistan inCONTEXT Blog May 6, 2014
U.S. Senator Blocks Military Aid to Egypt inCONTEXT Blog May 1, 2014
Yemen Launches Offensive Against al-Qaeda inCONTEXT Blog April 30, 2014
Syria Again Misses Chemical Weapons Deadline inCONTEXT Blog April 29, 2014
Hamas and Fatah Attempt Another Reconciliation inCONTEXT Blog April 24, 2014
Boko Haram Violence Escalates in Nigeria inCONTEXT Blog April 3, 2014
Erdogan Claims Victory Following Municipal Elections inCONTEXT Blog April 2, 2014
Iraqi Election Commission Resigns Ahead of Polls inCONTEXT Blog March 28, 2014
Russian Economy Weaker after Crimea inCONTEXT Blog March 26, 2014
Taliban Uses Violence to Intimidate Before Elections inCONTEXT Blog March 25, 2014
Israel Retaliates Against Syria for Border Bombing inCONTEXT Blog March 20, 2014
Navy Seals Seize Oil Tanker inCONTEXT Blog March 19, 2014
New Protests Erupt in Turkey inCONTEXT Blog March 13, 2014
Netanyahu Excoriates International Community inCONTEXT Blog March 12, 2014
Syrian Rebels Release Abducted Nuns inCONTEXT Blog March 10, 2014
Egyptian Court Bans Hamas Activities inCONTEXT Blog March 6, 2014
Pakistani Taliban Agrees to Ceasefire inCONTEXT Blog March 4, 2014
North Korea Launches New Provocation inCONTEXT Blog February 27, 2014
UNSC Approves Weak Resolution on Syria inCONTEXT Blog February 26, 2014
Jabhat al-Nusra Spinoff Targets Lebanon inCONTEXT Blog February 25, 2014
Secretary Kerry visits Tunisia (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog February 21, 2014
Free Syrian Army Dismisses Top General inCONTEXT Blog February 19, 2014
Al-Qaeda Affiliate Leaves Yarmouk Refugee Camp inCONTEXT Blog February 12, 2014
Presidential Panel Calls for Six State Plan in Yemen inCONTEXT Blog February 11, 2014
Syria Misses Another Chemical Weapons Deadline inCONTEXT Blog February 6, 2014
Al-Qaeda Leader Disowns ISIS inCONTEXT Blog February 6, 2014
Rising Tension Seen Between US and Saudis inCONTEXT Blog February 4, 2014
Death Sentence for Bangladeshi Opposition Leader inCONTEXT Blog January 30, 2014
Iranian Executions Belie Claims of "Moderation" inCONTEXT Blog January 23, 2014
Hariri Murder Trial Begins in the Netherlands inCONTEXT Blog January 16, 2014
Multiple Car Bombings Hit Baghdad inCONTEXT Blog January 15, 2014
Egyptians to Vote on New Constitution inCONTEXT Blog January 14, 2014

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