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inFOCUS Quarterly

Spring 2016

Israel - Beyond the Headlines


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Writings by Jonathan Schanzer

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Title Publication Date
After Abbas, Le Déluge in the Palestinian Authority inFocus Quarterly Spring 2016
Origins of the Palestinian Unilateral Declaration of Independence (2 comments) inFocus Quarterly Fall 2011
Rashid Khalidi Headlines Taxpayer-funded Palestinian Fest (1 comment) American Thinker December 17, 2009
No Substitute For Sanctions (1 comment) Frum Forum November 24, 2009
Unilaterally Declaring a State Could Backfire on PLO Frum Forum November 17, 2009
Lost in Marrakesh (2 comments) Frum Forum November 4, 2009
The Coming Palestinian Civil War (2 comments) New Majority October 27, 2009
Obama Abandons the Democracy Agenda (1 comment) New Majority October 22, 2009
Goldstone Report Marks Another Obama Failure (3 comments) New Majority October 16, 2009
Juan Cole Between Madison and the Mullahs (1 comment) American Thinker October 16, 2009
Russia to Hillary: "Nyet" to Iran Sanctions (3 comments) New Majority October 14, 2009
Obama Attempts To Delay Iranian Sanctions Bill (6 comments) New Majority October 13, 2009
Obama: Hanging With the Wrong Crowd (1 comment) New Majority September 30, 2009
The Talibanization of Gaza (1 comment) Current Trends in Islamist Ideology August 19, 2009
Tehran Needs to Stop Meddling (2 comments) The Weekly Standard July 13, 2009
Islamic Speakers Bureau Backed By Radical Profs (7 comments) The American Thinker May 31, 2009
The Professor's Paranoia (8 comments) Jerusalem Post April 19, 2009
The Palestinian Civil War and Israeli Security The Torch April 1, 2009
Follow The Money Behind Anti-Israel Invective on Campus CAMERA On Campus Spring 2009
Buying Shares Of The Syrian Dream (2 comments) Jerusalem Post March 30, 2009
Say It Out Loud: The Taliban Are Terrorists (3 comments) New Majority March 27, 2009
The Persian 'Elephant in the Room' Helped Dissolve Fatah-Hamas Talks Jewish Exponent March 26, 2009
The Iranian Gambit in Gaza (2 comments) Commentary Magazine February 2009
Israeli Election Analysis The Corner (National Review Online) February 11, 2009
Defund Egypt If It Won't Close Tunnels (7 comments) Investor's Business Daily January 27, 2009
Ignoring the Bloodshed in Gaza (1 comment) Weekly Standard Online January 9, 2009
Middle East Studies on the Mend? The American Thinker January 4, 2009
Palestinian Civil War Casts Shadow Over Peace Talks (1 comment) JTA November 23, 2008
Gleeful in Tehran Washington Times October 22, 2008
Hypocrisy 2.0 (1 comment) Weekly Standard Online September 24, 2008
Meet Ingrid Mattson National Review Online September 11, 2008
A Deadly Love Triangle (1 comment) Weekly Standard Online August 6, 2008
PARC's Anti-Israel Polemics (2 comments) National Review Online July 11, 2008
Ceasefire Backfire? Palestinian Rocket Report June 19, 2008
Talking Iran Weekly Standard Online June 5, 2008
The Deficit of Oil-Rich Gulf Arab States (1 comment) inFocus Quarterly Summer 2008
Renewed Iran-Egypt Ties? National Review Online May 1, 2008
Selling Terror Weekly Standard (Online) April 16, 2008
Not Just Gaza Pajamas Media April 6, 2008
Profs Hammer Israel, Fail to Predict Palestinian War The American Thinker March 12, 2008
Morbid Celebrations Weekly Standard (Online) March 10, 2008
Terrible TV (2 comments) National Review Online March 4, 2008
Israel's Ambassador on the Past and Future of His Nation inFocus Quarterly Spring 2008
The Wall Street "Sheikh Up" (2 comments) February 1, 2008
Pessimistic Predictions National Review Online January 16, 2008
Radical Islam Pervades UK Mosques... Is the U.S. Next? (1 comment) RJC Bulletin November 27, 2007
Auctioning Jerusalem Foretells Israeli PM's Demise The American Thinker November 13, 2007
Saudi Squander National Review Online October 3, 2007
Anti-Semitic Jihad (al-Khazen) (1 comment) September 30, 2007
The Prospects of al-Qaeda in Hamas-Controlled Gaza inFocus Quarterly Fall 2007
Will Another Radical Faction Challenge Hamas? (1 comment) RJC Bulletin August 25, 2007
Hamas Rules (1 comment) National Review Online August 15, 2007
Let States Divest From Iran (6 comments) Baltimore Sun July 26, 2007
Catch and Release Doesn't Work Weekly Standard July 23, 2007
Egypt's Sharm El-Sheikh Sham Philadelphia Bulletin June 26, 2007
Muslim South America National Review Online June 5, 2007
Why the Threat of War Doesn't Scare Iran inFocus Quarterly Summer 2007
Pretoria Unguarded Weekly Standard May 28, 2007
Hamas: Misrule in Gaza New York Post April 25, 2007
Iran's Influence Threatens Sunnis Philadelphia Evening Bulletin March 22, 2007
Where Is International Community In Fighting Terrorism's Financiers? Investor's Business Daily March 9, 2007
Asking for It National Review Online March 5, 2007

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Saudi Prince: US Must Submit to Oil Addiction (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog September 7, 2009
Charlie Wilson Redux? inCONTEXT Blog September 1, 2009
Kennedy and the Lockerbie Bombing (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog August 26, 2009
On the Passing of Khalid Bin Mahfouz inCONTEXT Blog August 19, 2009
More on Al-Qaeda in Gaza inCONTEXT Blog August 11, 2009
Dennis Ross: Former Envoy? inCONTEXT Blog June 15, 2009
Ceasefire Backfire Redux? inCONTEXT Blog January 17, 2009
Fatah and the Gaza Crisis (2 comments) inCONTEXT Blog January 5, 2009
Hamas Ends Ceasefire With "Zionist Enemy" (4 comments) inCONTEXT Blog December 19, 2008
The Mumbai Attacks (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog November 29, 2008
My New Book on the Palestinian Civil War inCONTEXT Blog November 10, 2008
Conde Nast Exposes US Firms Selling to Iran inCONTEXT Blog September 1, 2008
The Iranian Countdown Continues inCONTEXT Blog August 29, 2008
Israeli Economy Grows Faster Than Expected inCONTEXT Blog August 26, 2008
Authorities Raid Islamic Movement Office in N. Israel inCONTEXT Blog August 24, 2008
AZ Man Arrested For Funding Hamas inCONTEXT Blog August 22, 2008
OPEC To Cut Production? inCONTEXT Blog August 18, 2008
"Skunk" Disperses Palestinian Riots inCONTEXT Blog August 11, 2008
Nissan Car Commercial Invokes Saudi Ire inCONTEXT Blog August 7, 2008
Why Arabs Support or Ignore Darfur's Killers inCONTEXT Blog August 6, 2008
Video of Hamas Training in Gaza inCONTEXT Blog July 30, 2008
Muslim vs. Muslim inCONTEXT Blog July 27, 2008
A Flurry of BBC Iran Reports inCONTEXT Blog July 20, 2008
Nozzle Rage! inCONTEXT Blog July 14, 2008
Momo Usmani Off Dow Jones Website inCONTEXT Blog July 9, 2008
Oil Futures, Oil's Future inCONTEXT Blog June 23, 2008
Treasury Designations Gone Wild inCONTEXT Blog June 18, 2008
Israeli Prof on al-Jazeera (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog June 13, 2008
Rockets, Iranian Nukes Top AIPAC Agenda inCONTEXT Blog June 4, 2008
Khashan Hammers Norton, Too inCONTEXT Blog May 30, 2008
Saudi Hysteria Over Kabbalah Bracelets (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog May 23, 2008
UBL Slams U.S. For Celebrating Israel's 60th inCONTEXT Blog May 16, 2008
Israel's Latest Population Stats inCONTEXT Blog May 7, 2008
Hamas Makes A Mess in the Med inCONTEXT Blog May 2, 2008
Iran Working To Build Regional Influence inCONTEXT Blog May 1, 2008
Iran Working To Build Regional Influence inCONTEXT Blog May 1, 2008
Palestinians Talk Truce on the Nile inCONTEXT Blog April 29, 2008
Al-Qaeda's #2 Wants Credit for Killing 3000+ Americans inCONTEXT Blog April 22, 2008
New Israel Fund & Israeli Arab NGO Adalah inCONTEXT Blog April 17, 2008
Hezbollah Continues To Arm inCONTEXT Blog April 16, 2008
Despite Criticism, Carter Still To Meet Hamas inCONTEXT Blog April 13, 2008
NYT Rejects Radio Ad On Sderot inCONTEXT Blog April 9, 2008
Fatah Under Fire in Gaza, Lebanon inCONTEXT Blog April 7, 2008
U.S. Rejects Durban II inCONTEXT Blog April 4, 2008
Congress Recognizes Jewish Refugees From Arab Lands inCONTEXT Blog April 2, 2008
The Fight to Define "Pro-Israel" (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog April 1, 2008
HIzbullah's Arab Israeli Spies in the IDF inCONTEXT Blog March 30, 2008
Dutch Filmmaker Geert Wilders: "Fitna" the movie inCONTEXT Blog March 28, 2008
Looming Confrontations With Hizbullah? inCONTEXT Blog March 27, 2008
State Dept: Overlap of Anti-Zionism & Anti-Semitism inCONTEXT Blog March 25, 2008
BBC Admits Faulty Israel Reporting inCONTEXT Blog March 23, 2008
New inFOCUS Now Online inCONTEXT Blog March 17, 2008
Palestinians Celebrate the Mercaz Harav Massacre inCONTEXT Blog March 11, 2008
Richard Baehr in the American Thinker inCONTEXT Blog March 9, 2008
Palestinians Under Fire on Capitol Hill inCONTEXT Blog March 6, 2008
The War Against Terrorist TV inCONTEXT Blog March 4, 2008
Yemeni Terrorist Walks Free inCONTEXT Blog February 24, 2008
Here We Go Again... inCONTEXT Blog February 22, 2008
Arab Editor Asks Key Mughniyeh Questions inCONTEXT Blog February 17, 2008
Kuwaiti Islamists Ban Valentines Day? inCONTEXT Blog February 11, 2008
Hamas Proud of Dimona Bombing (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog February 8, 2008
More on Shari'a Finance inCONTEXT Blog February 6, 2008
Concerns Over Arab Sovereign Wealth Funds inCONTEXT Blog February 3, 2008
Did Al-Qaeda Infiltrate Gaza? (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog January 29, 2008
PFLP Founder Habash Dead inCONTEXT Blog January 26, 2008
Hamas and "Fauxtography" inCONTEXT Blog January 24, 2008
The Gaza Power Play inCONTEXT Blog January 22, 2008
The Libby Case Lives On inCONTEXT Blog January 20, 2008
Iraq Progress vs. Academic Intransigence inCONTEXT Blog January 17, 2008
Another Blow to Hizbullah TV inCONTEXT Blog January 16, 2008
AQ Claims Gaza Attack inCONTEXT Blog January 14, 2008
Iran Still Not Afraid of War with US inCONTEXT Blog January 9, 2008
NJ Pension Blocks Iran Investments inCONTEXT Blog January 8, 2008
How Strong is al-Qaeda? inCONTEXT Blog January 6, 2008
Some Implications of $100 Oil inCONTEXT Blog January 2, 2008
Sarko Gets Syrious inCONTEXT Blog December 31, 2007
Is Iraq Nearly Rid of al-Qaeda? inCONTEXT Blog December 29, 2007
JPC Podcasts Now Available inCONTEXT Blog December 27, 2007
New UK Terror Arrest; New inFocus Quarterly inCONTEXT Blog December 25, 2007
JPC San Fran Forum DVDs Now On Sale inCONTEXT Blog December 21, 2007
Richard Baehr Podcast inCONTEXT Blog December 19, 2007
Religious Tensions Across Egypt inCONTEXT Blog December 18, 2007
Hizb ut-Tahrir: A New Player in the Palestinian Arena? inCONTEXT Blog December 13, 2007
JPC's San Francisco Event a Great Success (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog December 10, 2007
The Iran NIE: Questions Abound inCONTEXT Blog December 4, 2007
BBC Highlights Vast Iran Suppression inCONTEXT Blog December 2, 2007
Has the Surge Stabilized Baghdad? inCONTEXT Blog December 1, 2007
The Vatican Wants to Dilute Israel's Jewish Character inCONTEXT Blog November 29, 2007
Hamas Anti-Annapolis Rally Underscores Larger Concerns inCONTEXT Blog November 27, 2007
Intvu with Hamas Leader Said Siyam inCONTEXT Blog November 26, 2007
Egyptian Torture Exposed in Egyptian Blogospehere inCONTEXT Blog November 24, 2007
Richard Baehr, Visiting Fellow inCONTEXT Blog November 16, 2007
Divestment Alert: Italian Oil Company, Eni inCONTEXT Blog November 14, 2007
Jerusalem Jockeying Continues Before Annapolis inCONTEXT Blog November 13, 2007
KISS lead singer Gene Simmons on the Middle East (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog November 12, 2007
Danish Party Targets Muslim Immigrants inCONTEXT Blog November 11, 2007
UNRWA Gets Mooned inCONTEXT Blog November 9, 2007
Do We Take Kuwait for Granted? inCONTEXT Blog November 8, 2007
Suspected Terror Financier: Saudi Textbooks Online Soon inCONTEXT Blog November 7, 2007
Anti-Hamas Intifada Underway? (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog November 5, 2007
DVDs Now Available for JPC's 9/19 Forum on Radical Islam inCONTEXT Blog November 2, 2007
Ahmadinejad Under Fire For Tanking Economy inCONTEXT Blog November 1, 2007
Spooking Middle East Profs on Halloween: The Anti-MESA inCONTEXT Blog October 31, 2007
Saudi King Says UK Not Serious About Terror Fight inCONTEXT Blog October 30, 2007
Israeli-Turkish Ties Still Strong Despite Iran's Best Efforts... For Now inCONTEXT Blog October 28, 2007
University of Delaware's Muqtedar Khan: Another Anti-Israel Prof (6 comments) inCONTEXT Blog October 25, 2007
Sponge Bob Square Pants of Arabia inCONTEXT Blog October 23, 2007
Former Hamas Mouthpiece: Gaza Coup was a Mistake inCONTEXT Blog October 21, 2007
Egypt Says IDF is Smuggling Arms to Gaza inCONTEXT Blog October 18, 2007
Anti-Money Laundering Body Slaps Iran inCONTEXT Blog October 17, 2007
Congratulations to John Podhoretz inCONTEXT Blog October 16, 2007
Web-based Jihadism in America inCONTEXT Blog October 15, 2007
More Iranian Penetration of Latin America inCONTEXT Blog October 14, 2007
Abbas Aide: Western Wall is Ours inCONTEXT Blog October 12, 2007
Fighting Islamism and Anti-Semitism on Campus (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog October 11, 2007
1,000 Rockets/Mortars Fired at Israel Since Hamas Coup inCONTEXT Blog October 10, 2007
More Grisly News Out of Hamastan inCONTEXT Blog October 7, 2007
How the Saudis Burn U.S. Petrodollars inCONTEXT Blog October 3, 2007
U.S. and Iraqi Deaths Drop Drastically in Iraq (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog October 2, 2007
Cairo Trades Hamas Members for al-Qaeda Man inCONTEXT Blog October 1, 2007
Anti-Semitic Jihad in the U.K. inCONTEXT Blog September 30, 2007
European Banks Divesting from Iran inCONTEXT Blog September 28, 2007
Muslim-Christian Tensions in Hamastan inCONTEXT Blog September 26, 2007 (3 comments) inCONTEXT Blog September 25, 2007
Ahmadinejad Comes to NY (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog September 23, 2007
Remembering the 1973 Yom Kippur War inCONTEXT Blog September 21, 2007
Jihad al-Khazen: Diatribes of Drivel inCONTEXT Blog September 20, 2007
"Israel Lobby" Panned (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog September 19, 2007
Women Police in Gaza inCONTEXT Blog September 18, 2007
Egypt Finds Gaza Tunnel inCONTEXT Blog September 17, 2007
The Campus Crisis & the JPC's Philly Event on Wednesday inCONTEXT Blog September 15, 2007
Shana Tova From the JPC inCONTEXT Blog September 12, 2007
How the BBC Teaches Kids About 9/11 (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog September 11, 2007
The Audacity of Iran inCONTEXT Blog September 10, 2007
Arabs Surf Israeli Pornographic Websites?? inCONTEXT Blog September 7, 2007
Hamas Popularity Going Up... er Down, in Smoke inCONTEXT Blog September 6, 2007
TNR Features Infuriating Piece on Hezbollah Museum inCONTEXT Blog September 4, 2007
Iran Divestment Doesn't Have To Hurt Pensioners (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog September 1, 2007
More Hamas Repression After Gaza Friday Prayers inCONTEXT Blog August 31, 2007
Palestinian Kids: In A Hurry to Blow Up inCONTEXT Blog August 30, 2007
Your Tax Dollars At Work inCONTEXT Blog August 29, 2007
Hamas Attacks Imam's House in Gaza inCONTEXT Blog August 28, 2007
Arab Paper: Hamas-Ruled Gaza is Rotting inCONTEXT Blog August 26, 2007
Gaza Repression Continues inCONTEXT Blog August 24, 2007
Hamas and the Fifth Column inCONTEXT Blog August 23, 2007
Gaza Satire: Both Fatah and Hamas are Guilty inCONTEXT Blog August 21, 2007
Hamas Admits to Violence & Torture in Gaza inCONTEXT Blog August 20, 2007
Hebollah Video Game Encourage Kids to Attack Israel inCONTEXT Blog August 18, 2007
Christians Under Fire in Gaza inCONTEXT Blog August 17, 2007
More Taliban Tactics in Hamasistan inCONTEXT Blog August 16, 2007
The Gaza Underground inCONTEXT Blog August 15, 2007
Hamas Halts More Freedoms in Gaza inCONTEXT Blog August 13, 2007
Fatah Computer SNAFU Sends Cash to Hamas inCONTEXT Blog August 8, 2007
Iran Continues To Penetrate South America (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog August 7, 2007
The Talibanization of Hamastan inCONTEXT Blog August 6, 2007
Terror-Free Mutual Fund (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog August 4, 2007
CAIR Chief Met Hamas in Philly inCONTEXT Blog August 3, 2007
Boston University's Terrorist Apologist Coddles Hamas, Too inCONTEXT Blog August 1, 2007
Hebrew Speakers Wanted: Join Iranian Intelligence! (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog July 31, 2007
BU President Weak on Hezbollah Apologist inCONTEXT Blog July 30, 2007
A Tale of Two Hezbollah Book Reviews inCONTEXT Blog July 29, 2007
More on Iran Divestment inCONTEXT Blog July 27, 2007
The Iran Divestment Movement inCONTEXT Blog July 26, 2007
University of Colorado Cans Controversial Prof inCONTEXT Blog July 25, 2007
Prof. Abraham Miller on BU's Hezbollah Apologist inCONTEXT Blog July 22, 2007
What Readers Can Do About BU's Hezbollah Apologist inCONTEXT Blog July 21, 2007
Shocker: Syria Denies Aiding Terror Groups in Lebanon inCONTEXT Blog July 19, 2007
Holy Land Foundation Trial Gets Going inCONTEXT Blog July 18, 2007
Palestinians Unhappy with Israel's Release of 256 Prisoners inCONTEXT Blog July 17, 2007
Mossad Plot to Kidnap Hizbullah Men in Paris? inCONTEXT Blog July 16, 2007
Iran Divestment in 90210 inCONTEXT Blog July 13, 2007
200 Suicide Belts Seized on Syrian Border inCONTEXT Blog July 12, 2007
Did the U.N. Request Control of Sheba Farms? inCONTEXT Blog July 11, 2007
Palestinian Cellphone Song Mocks Fatah & Hamas (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog July 9, 2007
Companies Angered By SEC's Iran List inCONTEXT Blog July 7, 2007
The "Al-Ameriki Tribe" in Baqubah inCONTEXT Blog July 6, 2007
Khairi Abaza's Excellent Piece on Arab Defeats (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog July 5, 2007
"Jihad's New Leaders" in MEQ inCONTEXT Blog July 4, 2007
Al-Qaeda Attack in Yemen inCONTEXT Blog July 3, 2007
Is the Surge in Iraq Working? inCONTEXT Blog July 2, 2007
MIckey Mouse Character Killed by "Israeli" on Hamas TV inCONTEXT Blog July 1, 2007
Liberal Bias in Middle Eastern Studies Continues (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog June 30, 2007
Ban Ki-Moon Takes it to Hizbullah, Syria & Iran inCONTEXT Blog June 29, 2007
Egypt's New Palestinian Refugees inCONTEXT Blog June 28, 2007
Iranians Irate Over Fuel Rationing inCONTEXT Blog June 27, 2007
Up Next: An Iranian Al-Jazeera inCONTEXT Blog June 26, 2007
Osama's #2 Reaches Out to Hamas inCONTEXT Blog June 25, 2007


Book Title Publication Date
The Israel Test (2 comments)
by George Gilder
Jerusalem Post December 27, 2009
Winning the Long War: Retaking the Offensive Against Radical Islam (11 comments)
by Ilan Berman
Jerusalem Post July 24, 2009
Transforming America's Israel Lobby: The Limits of its Power and the Potential for Change (4 comments)
by Dan Fleshler
Jerusalem Post May 8, 2009
We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land: A Plan That Will Work (10 comments)
by Jimmy Carter
Jerusalem Post March 12, 2009
The Al Qaeda Reader
by Raymond Ibrahim
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2009
Innocence Abroad: An Intimate Account of American Peace Diplomacy in the Middle East (5 comments)
by Martin Indyk
Jerusalem Post February 13, 2009
The Devil We Know: Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower (4 comments)
by Robert Baer
Jerusalem Post February 6, 2009
Icon of Evil: Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam (1 comment)
by David G. Dalin and John F. Rothmann
Jerusalem Post September 5, 2008
Two Hamas Books: Inside Hamas: The Untold Story of the Militant Islamic Movement; & Hamas: A History From Within
by Zaki Chehab and Azzam Tamimi
Middle East Quarterly Fall 2008
Palestinians Between Nationalism and Islam: Collected Essays
by Raphael Israeli
Jerusalem Post July 11, 2008
Shackled Warrior: Israel and the Global Jihad
by Caroline Glick
Jerusalem Post June 26, 2008
The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State
by Noah Feldman
The Jerusalem Post June 6, 2008
Beyond Al-Qaeda
by Angel Rabasa
Middle East Quarterly February 21, 2008
World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofacism (2 comments)
by Norman Podhoretz
Jerusalem Post January 4, 2008
The Terrorist Watch: Inside the Desperate Race to Stop the Next Attack
by Ronald Kessler
New York Post November 4, 2007
Statecraft: And How to Restore America's Standing in the World (2 comments)
by Dennis Ross
Jerusalem Post October 18, 2007
The War of Ideas: Jihadism Against Democracy
by Walid Phares
The Journal of International Security Affairs September 7, 2007
Hezbollah: A Short History (4 comments)
by Augustus Richard Norton
Jerusalem Post July 20, 2007
The Truth About Syria
by Barry Rubin
New York Post June 24, 2007
The Fight for Jerusalem: Radical Islam, the West and the Future of the Holy City
by Dore Gold
Jerusalem Post May 14, 2007
Global Financial Warriors: The Untold Story of International Finance in the Post-9/11 World
by John B. Taylor
New York Post April 1, 2007

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