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inFOCUS Quarterly

Spring 2016

Israel - Beyond the Headlines


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Writings by Kalen Taylor

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Title Publication Date
Upcoming U.S. Defense Strategy: Weakness, Trembling, and Passing the Buck American Thinker September 2, 2012

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Fire on the Water: Tensions in the Persian Gulf inCONTEXT Blog August 9, 2012
The Beginning of the End for Asad? inCONTEXT Blog August 8, 2012
The Kurds: The MidEast's Wild Card? inCONTEXT Blog August 2, 2012
Jordan's Instability inCONTEXT Blog July 26, 2012
Asad's Syria: How Long Can It Hold? inCONTEXT Blog July 18, 2012
Arafat's Death: A Mystery Unsolved inCONTEXT Blog July 10, 2012
Libya: A Nation Divided inCONTEXT Blog July 3, 2012
Syria's Escalating Violence Promises Further Regional Instability inCONTEXT Blog June 28, 2012
Egypt's New President: Mohammed Morsi inCONTEXT Blog June 26, 2012
Russia's Continued Defiance in Syria inCONTEXT Blog June 19, 2012
Syria Inching Towards 'Civil War' (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog June 14, 2012
Bad Options in Egypt's Elections inCONTEXT Blog June 12, 2012
As Russia Gradually Shifts Tone, Asad Remains Steadfast inCONTEXT Blog June 6, 2012

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