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Spring 2016

Israel - Beyond the Headlines


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Writings by Shoshana Bryen

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Title Publication Date
Reversing Israel on the Golan Heights American Thinker May 5, 2016
Israel, Turkey, Russia, Egypt and the Kurds Gatestone Institute April 19, 2016
The Perils of Not Listening to Iran Gatestone Institute April 7, 2016
Time to Consider the ISIS Internal Security Threat American Thinker April 4, 2016
Russia Leaves Syria: Not Every War is a Quagmire American Thinker March 17, 2016
Will President Obama Try to Blackmail Israel? Gatestone Institute March 11, 2016
French Diplomacy on "Palestine" Will Run Aground American Thinker March 3, 2016
Great Power Realignment - Toward Russia Gatestone Institute February 22, 2016
Technology Security: The Profit Disconnect American Thinker February 17, 2016
The Value of Tolerance Gatestone Institute January 27, 2016
The Iran Deal on Balance (1 comment) American Thinker January 26, 2016
The New "Cuban Missile Crisis" Mystery Deepens PJMedia January 22, 2016
The Next Stage of the War American Thinker January 11, 2016
It's not About Muslims; It's About Terror (1 comment) American Thinker December 24, 2015
When All Else Fails, Call Israel Gatestone Institute December 18, 2015
"Tactical Patience," "Zero Casualties," and Still no Goal American Thinker December 2, 2015
Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite American Thinker November 17, 2015
Options in Syria: What will Russia Decide? (1 comment) Technology & Security: How Things Really Work November 16, 2015
Payback? American Thinker November 4, 2015
Understanding Russian Strategy (3 comments) Defense News November 3, 2015
The Holocaust is OVER (2 comments) Gatestone Institute October 26, 2015
The Middle East "Peace Process" - Oh No, Not Again (1 comment) Gatestone Institute October 19, 2015
What Goes Around, Goes Around (2 comments) American Thinker October 9, 2015
Hitler or Stalin: The Case for Choosing (1 comment) American Thinker September 30, 2015
Putin's MiGs vs. US F-16s in Syria Defense News September 1, 2015
The US Needs Plan B (1 comment) The Washington Times August 21, 2015
Looking Ahead at Middle East "Peace" Gatestone Institute August 18, 2015
The Writing is on the Wall for the US Military in the Persian Gulf (2 comments) American Thinker August 10, 2015
What Society Says When Children are Murdered (2 comments) Gatestone Institute August 5, 2015
Does Iran Already Have Nuclear Weapons? American Thinker July 31, 2015
The Iran Deal: Making War More Likely? American Thinker July 17, 2015
Israel: Security Asset for the United States Gatestone July 16, 2015
Pristine War and Zero Casualties (2 comments) American Thinker July 9, 2015
Congress Knows Everything the Administration Knows American Thinker June 30, 2015
A Middle East 'Complete Strategy'? To What End? American Thinker June 16, 2015
The Government Fails to Protect Sensitive Personal Information American Thinker June 12, 2015
France, Iran and the Peace Process Gatestone Institute June 10, 2015
Iran: The Backdoor to Enrichment American Thinker May 21, 2015
Christians in the Middle East: American Thinker May 15, 2015
Iran Has Red Lines -- Too Bad the U.S. Doesn't American Thinker May 9, 2015
When the Government Kills Gatestone Institute May 6, 2015
The US is There When it "Matters," Right? American Thinker April 29, 2015
Is the U.S. Israel's Ally "When It Matters"? (1 comment) Gatestone Institute April 22, 2015
Forty Years from Saigon American Thinker April 21, 2015
NYPD had it Right a Long Time Ago (1 comment) American Thinker February 27, 2015
The U.S.-Israel Divide on Iran American Thinker February 23, 2015
Is This the Way to Run a War? Gatestone Institute February 19, 2015
Blaming the Jews for Fun and Profit Gatestone Institute February 9, 2015
The U.S. as 'Pindostan' American Thinker January 30, 2015
Iran Doesn't Need Nuclear Weapons American Thinker January 24, 2015
The West Bank Army of the "State of Palestine," Thanks to the United States Gatestone Institute January 21, 2015
Back in Iraq: What Happened to AfPak? (1 comment) American Thinker January 4, 2015
Does Saudi Arabia Rule the World? Gatestone Institute December 30, 2014
Cuba and the 'State of Palestine' (1 comment) American Thinker December 21, 2014
History Tells a Tale Regarding Agreements with Iran American Thinker December 3, 2014
Iran Leads at Halftime: Game Over? Gatestone Institute October 31, 2014
Chemical Weapons Revelations in the Middle East American Thinker October 17, 2014
Support Allies, Not Terrorists Gatestone Institute October 15, 2014
Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Kobani American Thinker October 13, 2014
Every War Must End American Thinker September 29, 2014
'Every War Must End' American Thinker September 24, 2014
We Already Built an Iraqi Army Once, Now What? American Thinker September 12, 2014
The Conditions of Victory and Peace Gatestone September 9, 2014
The Beheading of James Foley and Other Unintended Consequences (1 comment) Gatestone Institute August 21, 2014
The "Disengaged" President Punishes Israel (1 comment) American Thinker (blog) August 15, 2014
The Arab-Israel War (2 comments) American Thinker August 13, 2014
The Arab-Israel War American Thinker August 13, 2014
Palestinian Poverty is not a Plague or an Earthquake Gatestone Institute August 11, 2014
"Gotcha" American Thinker (blog) August 6, 2014
Why a Cease Fire Doesn't Help (2 comments) American Thinker July 28, 2014
The Doctrine of Proportionality (2 comments) Gatestone July 20, 2014
China Hacks US Think Tanks American Thinker July 14, 2014
How Does Israel End Up the Bad Guy? American Thinker July 10, 2014
A Requiem for Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shaar, Naftali Fraenkel, and Mohammed Karaka American Thinker July 2, 2014
Guarding American Interests in the Sunni-Shiite War Gatestone June 20, 2014
Hamas tells Israel, 'No Hope' American Thinker May 8, 2014
Zero Sum Suffering (1 comment) American Thinker May 1, 2014
Will Israel Save Hamas and Fatah Gatestone Institute April 29, 2014
How the US Went Wrong and Why (1 comment) American Thinker April 14, 2014
Book Review: War Front to Store Front inFocus Quarterly: Spring 2014 April 10, 2014
Where Did the Peace Process Go? (1 comment) American Thinker March 30, 2014
What's Happening to the Internet? (1 comment) American Thinker March 20, 2014
EU Report, EU Money Threaten Israel PJMedia March 14, 2014
An "Unfriendly Gesture" American Thinker March 12, 2014
Money, Politics and Israel's Defense Gatestone Institute March 7, 2014
America Speaks: Who Cares? (1 comment) American Thinker March 3, 2014
Waking up to Defense Cuts American Thinker February 27, 2014
On the Border of Freedom: Ukraine and Venezuela Gatestone Institute February 24, 2014
Why Jordanians Worry about the Two-State Solution Forbes February 7, 2014
US Security Assurances and the End of UN Resolution 242 (1 comment) Gatestone Institute February 3, 2014
Seeing What Isn't There American Thinker January 28, 2014
Be Angry with the Iranians, Mr. President, and Yourself American Thinker January 27, 2014
Egypt is Not a Democracy: American Thinker January 16, 2014
Destroying Syrian Chemicals at Sea American Thinker January 14, 2014
Ariel Sharon (3 comments) January 12, 2014
Implosion: The End of Russia and What it Means for America inFOCUS Quarterly January 9, 2014
The Way They See It (1 comment) Gatestone Institute January 7, 2014
Five Weeks After Geneva December 30, 2013
An "Objects" Lesson from Syria (1 comment) American Thinker December 27, 2013
Listening to the Palestinians (2 comments) American Thinker December 18, 2013
Israel in the American Bazaar (1 comment) American Thinker December 6, 2013
Iran Deal: Was the West Skinned? Gatestone Institute December 4, 2013
Financing the Flames by Edwin Black The Daily Caller December 2, 2013
Obama as Protector of Putin, Assad & Khamene'i American Thinker November 27, 2013
Under the Iran Deal (2 comments) Frontpage Magazine November 26, 2013
Thanking You for Your Service November 11, 2013
Egypt Turning to the Russians? Not So Fast American Thinker November 7, 2013
Hamas and the "Peace Process" Front Page Magazine November 4, 2013
The Confluence of Events in Syria American Thinker October 24, 2013
A Lesser Superpower Than We Used To Be Gatestone Institute October 24, 2013
We're Talking (While They're Acting) (1 comment) American Thinker October 21, 2013
Palestinian Corruption - Again Gatestone Institute October 17, 2013
ATF: Lost Guns, Lost Cigarettes, Lost Credibility PJMedia October 3, 2013
The Nuclear Tide Comes In (1 comment) American Thinker September 30, 2013
Poor America American Thinker September 30, 2013
Jews, Germans, Poison Gas and More (1 comment) American Thinker September 20, 2013
While we Wait American Thinker September 11, 2013
Americans are War-Wary, not Weary American Thinker September 9, 2013
Americans are War-Wary, not Weary American Thinker September 9, 2013
Shape-Shifting on Syria (1 comment) Gatestone Institute September 4, 2013
Reacting to Chemicals in Syria American Thinker August 23, 2013
Beware al-Jazeera Coming to America Gatestone Institute August 22, 2013
The Triumph of Illusion (2 comments) American Thinker August 20, 2013
Increasing US Irrelevance in Egypt August 15, 2013
"Radicalizing" the Muslim Brotherhood Gatestone Institute August 2, 2013
Fixing Palestine (2 comments) American Thinker August 1, 2013
Paying in Advance (1 comment) American Thinker July 30, 2013
Agitating for an American War in Syria American Thinker (Blog) July 25, 2013
Courts Unravel Sanctions on Iran Gatestone Institute July 22, 2013
Shifting Sands: The Middle East in 2013 Summer Institute of The Jewish Center of the Hamptons July 16, 2013
The U.S. Gets a "Mulligan" in Egypt (1 comment) American Thinker July 10, 2013
American "Guarantees" are a Foolish Offer Gatestone Institute July 2, 2013
Russian Troubles in Syria American Thinker July 1, 2013
Abandoning Vietnam, Er, Afghanistan American Thinker June 24, 2013
How Not to Inspire Confidence (2 comments) American Thinker June 21, 2013
People, Privacy and Fear American Thinker June 18, 2013
They Voted for a Moderate: Now What? Gatestone Institute June 17, 2013
It Wasn't an Accident Gatestone Institute June 6, 2013
Wissam Allouche and the Touchy Problem of Immigration American Thinker (Bryen) June 5, 2013
Israel Should be Poor, Palestinians Should be Rich (3 comments) Gatestone Institute May 29, 2013
Hezballah: A Chicken on the EU Terror List American Thinker May 28, 2013
Obama's Still Trying to Define the War American Thinker May 25, 2013
US: Israel's Prosperity a Problem (1 comment) Gatestone Institute May 24, 2013
Russia: Playing a Losing Hand like a Winner American Thinker May 21, 2013
Mistaking Cause and Effect in Syria (1 comment) American Thinker May 10, 2013
The Fourth Great War Gatestone Institute May 6, 2013
The Secretary's Epiphany (3 comments) American Thinker (Blog) April 24, 2013
There's Nothing "Homegrown" About the Boston Terror Attacks (1 comment) April 23, 2013
Shut that Window of Opportunity (1 comment) American Thinker April 22, 2013
All Terrorism is Connected American Thinker April 19, 2013
Happy Birthday, Israel (1 comment) American Thinker April 16, 2013
What do We Want Done in Syria? American Thinker April 8, 2013
Burning Down the Palestinian House Gatestone Institute April 5, 2013
Calling for Protest in Israel (1 comment) Gatestone Institute March 22, 2013
The Israel Test and the America Test American Thinker (Blog) March 21, 2013
Israel has a Government, Mr. President American Thinker March 15, 2013
Training Syrian Rebels to Conquer the Golan Heights and Shoot Down Israeli Aircraft (1 comment) American Thinker March 13, 2013
Current Limits of U.S.-Israel Security Cooperation Gatestone Institute March 8, 2013
What if They Mean What they Say? (2 comments) Gatestone Institute March 5, 2013
Secretary Kerry's Maiden Speech (1 comment) American Thinker February 25, 2013
A Hard Reckoning (1 comment) Gatestone Institute February 22, 2013
Obama at Ramallah American Thinker February 19, 2013
What Happens when the Government Tells the Truth American Thinker February 11, 2013
Chuck Hagel: Mediocre Boilerplate American Thinker February 1, 2013
Is Iran Trying to Start Another War? Gatestone Institute January 31, 2013
The President's Wars and Women in Combat American Thinker January 30, 2013
Israel's Election Changes the Guard - and More (1 comment) American Thinker (Blog) January 23, 2013
Enshrining Ideologies: Egypt and the U.S. Gatestone Institute January 22, 2013
We're Leaving Now; The Wars Remain (1 comment) American Thinker January 17, 2013
The Strange Arrest of Zaki al-Sakani American Thinker (Bryen) January 14, 2013
Where the Pressure Lies American Thinker January 10, 2013
What to do About a Coup? American Thinker January 7, 2013
"Carnage in Schedule Two" American Thinker December 31, 2012
How to Use American Influence (1 comment) Gatestone Institute December 27, 2012
Converging Toward Hamas Gatestone Institute December 21, 2012
U.S. Stumbles on Palestinian Statehood Vote PJ Media December 13, 2012
Back to Being a "Sh**ty Little Country" American Thinker (Blog) December 6, 2012
Why Treat Sudan Like a Normal Country? American Thinker December 4, 2012
Because They Could (1 comment) Gatestone Institute November 30, 2012
Ceasing Fire (1 comment) American Thinker (Blog) November 21, 2012
The Commander in Chief's Lack of Military Awareness American Thinker November 21, 2012
Lessons for an Army During War Defense News November 14, 2012
Why Did Al-Qaeda Target Ambassador Stevens? PJMedia November 12, 2012
The Enemy of My Enemy in Damascus American Thinker November 7, 2012
Leaving No One Behind American Thinker (Blog) October 31, 2012
Having our Soldiers' Back American Thinker (blog) October 29, 2012
Will the U.S. Take on the Russians to Take Out Assad? American Thinker October 24, 2012
What to do With Sanctions American Thinker October 23, 2012
Honing Anti-Semitism in France & Sweden The Gatestone Institute October 19, 2012
Changing the Battlefield The Gatestone Institute October 17, 2012
Rethinking Palestine 2012 American Thinker October 4, 2012
The YouTube Video as a Dress Rehearsal Gatestone Institute October 3, 2012
Pretensions in the Persian Gulf Defence IQ October 2, 2012
Pretensions in the Persian Gulf Defence iQ October 2, 2012
Obama in Denial on the War against America American Thinker September 25, 2012
Does AP stand for 'Associated Propaganda'? American Thinker September 20, 2012
Bryen Participates in NRO and New English Review Symposia inSIGHT September 14, 2012
Mrs. Clinton and American Sensibilities American Thinker September 13, 2012
Relying on U.S. Intelligence American Thinker September 9, 2012
President Obama's Tin Ear American Thinker September 6, 2012
The End of U.S.-Israel Strategic Cooperation? Gatestone Institute September 6, 2012
Russia, Unfortunately, Being Russia American Thinker September 1, 2012
U.S. Security Interests in Egypt Gatestone Institute August 31, 2012
South African BDS - or Just BS? American Thinker August 25, 2012
'Cooling off Israel' and Riling up Americans American Thinker August 20, 2012
Egypt Fully Remilitarizing Sinai - with U.S. Help Gatestone Institute August 20, 2012
Is Hillary Clueless or Cavalier? Neither Helps American Thinker August 16, 2012
Standard Chartered Bank and Iran. Yawn? American Thinker August 14, 2012
Rise Up and Die: Hillary Clinton on Aleppo in February American Thinker August 10, 2012
The beginning of accountability in Egypt? American Thinker August 9, 2012
Obama Trying to Buy Allies in Syrian Revolution American Thinker August 7, 2012
The Palestinian Culture of Slapping Israel American Thinker August 1, 2012
Palestinian Financial Crisis Looms American Thinker July 29, 2012
Back to the U.S.-Israel Future American Thinker July 26, 2012
Is Mahmoud Abbas Facing a Revolution? PJMedia July 13, 2012
Obama Administration Stabs Israel in the Back Gatestone Institute July 5, 2012
When Everything's Been Said American Thinker July 3, 2012
The Incredible Shrinking U.S.-Israel Security Cooperation Gatestone Institute June 27, 2012
Staying Out of Syria (1 comment) American Thinker June 24, 2012
Variations on the Theme of The Arab War Against Israel (2 comments) Gatestone Institute June 12, 2012
Facing the Brutal Reality of American Syrian Policy American Thinker June 10, 2012
Israel and the boat people (2 comments) The Times of Israel June 6, 2012
The ICG Rethinking the "Peace Process" (1 comment) American Thinker June 3, 2012
The Process Trap Gatestone Institute June 1, 2012
Military Exercises and Political Correctness American Thinker June 1, 2012
Counting Palestinians Gatestone Institute May 25, 2012
Why is the U.S. doing Special Ops exercise with Egypt and Pakistan? (1 comment) American Thinker May 18, 2012
Will the young eat the revolution? The Times of Israel May 11, 2012
The Rights of Indigenous People and the Rest of Us (1 comment) American Thinker May 11, 2012
The New Israeli Coalition and the Elephant in the Cabinet Room American Thinker May 8, 2012
Google autocomplete: Shades of IBM? The Times of Israel May 2, 2012
What if a Rational Iran Says, "Yes"? Gatestone Institute May 2, 2012
Lessons from the Fall of Saigon American Thinker April 30, 2012
'Aharai!' to Afghanistan: Remembering Orde Wingate The Times of Israel April 24, 2012
Mystery Ship to Syria Raises Questions American Thinker April 17, 2012
Between War and a Warm Embrace (1 comment) American Thinker April 15, 2012
"Targeted Assassination" by the U.S. Security Establishment? (2 comments) Gatestone Institute April 2, 2012
U.S. Complicit with Palestinian Authority Budgeting Mischief PJ Media April 1, 2012
What's on That Ship, and Where Is It Going? American Thinker April 1, 2012
Obama's 'Space' for Russia (1 comment) American Thinker March 29, 2012
Does It Matter if He Was Neo-Nazi or Muslim? American Thinker March 22, 2012
Presidents, Emperors, and Volunteer Forces American Thinker March 19, 2012
"Responsibility to Protect" Stonegate Institute March 19, 2012
Bravo to Italian Police (and a Warning) American Thinker March 15, 2012
Dishonorably Disarmed: Marines Insulted by Sec. Panetta (2 comments) PJMedia March 15, 2012
What Netanyahu May Have Added... Stonegate Institute March 7, 2012
NRO Symposium: The U.S. and Israel National Review Online March 6, 2012
Out Now (1 comment) March 2, 2012
Dempsey, Rational Countries, and the Apocalypse PJ Media February 23, 2012
Slashing too close to home The Times of Israel February 19, 2012
Foreign Aid and American Priorities (1 comment) American Thinker February 19, 2012
UN's Syria Veto: UN is the Problem, not Russia (1 comment) Pajamas Media February 10, 2012
'It's Your Fault': U.S. Gets the Israel Treatment Over Iran (1 comment) Pajamas Media February 9, 2012
Can the U.S. Navy Cope with Iranian Mines? Pajamas Media February 7, 2012
The Decision Israel Made February 7, 2012
SEAL Team 6: A Big Secret, Unless Obama Wants to Brag (1 comment) American Thinker February 3, 2012
No More 'Peace Talks,' Please (3 comments) Pajamas Media February 2, 2012
Israel and the US Perspectives on Iran at Odds (3 comments) American Thinker January 27, 2012
As The Brotherhood Takes Office Can we Keep Faith with the People? January 25, 2012
Don't Write Off America in 2012 Defense News January 16, 2012
The Taliban and the PLO January 13, 2012
Targeted Strikes and Collateral Damage (1 comment) January 11, 2012

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Staking Out Ground on Syria inCONTEXT Blog August 27, 2013
Kurdish-Arab Fighting in Syria Threatens to Expand War inCONTEXT Blog August 19, 2013
Benghazi Testimony Reveals Lack of Coordination in U.S. Government inCONTEXT Blog February 7, 2013
Russia Supports its Ally Syria: You Got a Problem with That? (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog February 3, 2012
"Hope and Change" in the Middle East inCONTEXT Blog January 26, 2012


Book Title Publication Date
Let There be Water: Israel's Solution for a Water-Starved World
by Seth M. Siegel
Spring 2016
ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror
by Michael Weiss and Hassan Hassan
Winter 2016
Balkan Ghosts
by Robert Kaplan
Fall 2015
The Hundred-Year Marathon: China's Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower
by Michael Pillsbury
Summer 2015
Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned against Israel
by Joshua Muravchik
March 2015
The End of Greatness: Why America Can't Have (and Doesn't Want) Another Great President
by Aaron David Miller
Winter 2015
The Rebellion of Ronald Reagan
by James Mann
Fall 2014
The Impossible State: North Korea, Past and Future (1 comment)
by Victor Cha
Summer 2014
Implosion: The End of Russia and What it Means for America
by Ilan Berman
Winter 2014
by Andrew Nagorski
Summer 2013
Saturday People, Sunday People: Israel Through the Eyes of a Christian Sojourner
by Lela Gilbert
Spring 2013
IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation (5 comments)
by Edwin Black
The Times of Israel March 5, 2012

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