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inFOCUS Quarterly

Spring 2016

Israel - Beyond the Headlines


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Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
UN Reports on Iraq's Deadliest Month in Years (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog August 6, 2013
Sinai Peninsula Plagued by Militant Attacks inCONTEXT Blog July 30, 2013
New Palestinian-Israeli Talks to Begin Next Week inCONTEXT Blog July 25, 2013
EU labels Hezbollah Military Wing Terrorist Organization inCONTEXT Blog July 23, 2013
EU Targets Israelis Beyond the Green Line (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog July 18, 2013
Israel Sets New Military Priorities Amid Budget Cuts inCONTEXT Blog July 16, 2013
The Attack on Hezbollah's Beirut Stronghold inCONTEXT Blog July 10, 2013
Egyptian Military Ousts Morsi (1 comment) inCONTEXT Blog July 3, 2013
Army Preparing for Large Protests in Cairo inCONTEXT Blog June 27, 2013
Jordan Prepares for a Spillover of Syria's Civil War inCONTEXT Blog June 20, 2013
Syrian Rebels Seize Border Crossing to the Golan Heights inCONTEXT Blog June 12, 2013
U.S. Removes Sanctions on Cell Phone Sales in Iran inCONTEXT Blog June 5, 2013


Book Title Publication Date
Top Secret America: The Rise of the New American Security State
by Dana Priest and William M. Arkin
Fall 2013

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