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inFOCUS Quarterly

Spring 2016

Israel - Beyond the Headlines


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inCONTEXT Blog Archive

Title Author Date
Boko Haram Video Shows Kidnapped Girls Michael Johnson April 14, 2016
Ceasefire Holds in Nagorno-Karabakh Michael Johnson April 7, 2016
Student's Death Highlights Oppression in Egypt Michael Johnson March 31, 2016
Gulf States Designate Hezbollah as Terrorist Organization Michael Johnson March 4, 2016
Oil Ministers Seek Production Cap, Rebound Michael Johnson February 18, 2016
As Asad Pushes for Aleppo, Humanitarian Crisis Looms Michael Johnson February 11, 2016
Islamic State Shows New Influence in Libya Michael Johnson February 5, 2016
New Report Claims U.S. Spying on Israel Michael Johnson January 29, 2016
Iran's Hardliners Strike Back Michael Johnson January 21, 2016
Turkey Pursues Accomplices After Bombing Michael Johnson January 14, 2016
Tensions Rise With Tehran's Claims of Bombed Embassy Michael Johnson January 8, 2016
Suicide Bomber Hits Pakistan Michael Johnson December 30, 2015
Iraqi Troops Launch Push for Ramadi Michael Johnson December 22, 2015
Ceasefire Reached in Yemen Civil War Michael Johnson December 15, 2015
U.S. to Deploy Forces to Syria, Allies Debate Other Measures Michael Johnson December 2, 2015
Turkey Downs Russian Jet Near Syrian Border Michael Johnson November 24, 2015
Palestinian Terrorists Kill Five in Israel Michael Johnson November 19, 2015
Kurdish Fighters Recapture Sinjar Michael Johnson November 13, 2015
German Bank Fined For Iran Sanctions Violations Michael Johnson November 5, 2015
German Defense Minister Meets Kurdish Leaders Michael Johnson October 28, 2015
Emboldened Syrian President Visits Moscow Michael Johnson October 21, 2015
Kosovo and Serbia Sign New Accord Michael Johnson August 27, 2015
Anti-Government Protests Erupt in Beirut Michael Johnson August 25, 2015
Music Festival Apologizes to Jewish Singer Michael Johnson August 19, 2015
Libya's PM Announces Resignation Michael Johnson August 12, 2015
Islamic State Affiliate Takes Hostage in Sinai Adam Goldstein August 6, 2015
Tehran Ramps Up Anti-West Rhetoric After Nuclear Deal Adam Goldstein and Michael Johnson August 4, 2015
Afghan Officials Confirm Taliban Leader's Death Adam Goldstein July 30, 2015
Turkey Changes Stance on Combating IS Adam Goldstein July 28, 2015
White House Pushes for Guantanamo Bay Closure Michael Johnson July 23, 2015
Leader of Khorasan Group Killed in U.S. Airstrike Andy Hazelnis July 22, 2015
Turkish Government Names Suicide Bomber Andy Hazelnis July 21, 2015
Indian Drone Supposedly Downed in Pakistan Adam Goldstein July 16, 2015
Iraq's PMUs Launch New Offensive in Anbar Adam Goldstein July 15, 2015
Malala Yousafzai Opens Refugee School Andy Hazelnis July 14, 2015
Israeli Government Says Two Held Captive in Gaza Adam Goldstein July 10, 2015
Moscow's Naval Modernization Targets Europe, Pacific Andy Hazelnis July 9, 2015
Ya'alon Confirms Cyber Attacks Against Israel Andy Hazelnis July 8, 2015
Boko Haram Kills 200+ Last Week Adam Goldstein July 7, 2015
Egypt's Top Prosecutor Killed in Bombing Adam Goldstein June 30, 2015
Houthi Shelling Kills Three Saudi Soldiers Adam Goldstein June 26, 2015
U.S. to Deploy Heavy Armor to Baltics Adam Goldstein June 25, 2015
Khamenei Expresses Defiance over Nuclear Deal Andy Hazelnis June 24, 2015
Taliban Assault Tests Afghan Army in Helmand Adam Goldstein June 18, 2015
AQAP Replaces Slain Leader Andy Hazelnis June 17, 2015
Al-Nusra Attacks Druze Village in Syria Adam Goldstein June 11, 2015
UN Criticizes Eritrea's Human Rights Record Andy Hazelnis June 10, 2015
AKP Loses Majority in Turkish Elections Adam Goldstein June 8, 2015
Islamic State Launches New Offensive Near Turkish Border Andy Hazelnis June 4, 2015
New Report Details Hamas Killings Michael Johnson May 28, 2015
Yemeni Conflict Leads to New Humanitarian Crisis Michael Johnson May 21, 2015
Salafists Clash with Hamas in Gaza Michael Johnson May 14, 2015
Freedom Flotilla III Sails for Gaza Michael Johnson May 13, 2015
Protests Against Israeli Police Turn Violent Michael Johnson May 6, 2015
Iran Detains Cargo Ship Michael Johnson April 30, 2015
Egyptian Court Convicts Former President Michael Johnson April 22, 2015
Islamic State's Terror Spreads to Afghanistan Michael Johnson April 21, 2015
Russia to Sell S-300s to Iran Michael Johnson April 16, 2015
IS Seizes Yarmouk Camp in Damascus Michael Johnson April 8, 2015
Obama Ends Freeze on Arms Sales to Egypt Michael Johnson April 2, 2015
Iraqi Forces Retake Tikrit Michael Johnson March 31, 2015
Riyadh Intervenes Against Yemeni Rebels Michael Johnson March 26, 2015
IS Claims Responsibility for Tunis Attack Michael Johnson March 19, 2015
Renewed Palestinian Rivalry Threatens Rebuilding in Gaza Michael Johnson March 12, 2015
Boko Haram Reverts to Old Tactics Amid Setbacks Michael Johnson March 11, 2015
Tehran Stages Military Drills Near Strait of Hormuz Michael Johnson February 25, 2015
U.S. Jury Finds PA and PLO Liable For Terrorism Michael Johnson February 24, 2015
Putin and Sisi Hold Talks in Cairo Michael Johnson February 12, 2015
Arab Allies Take New Initiatives Against IS Michael Johnson February 10, 2015
Journalist Freed From Egypt Arrives Home Michael Johnson February 5, 2015
U.S. National Killed During Attack in Libya Michael Johnson January 29, 2015
Two IDF Soldiers Killed Near Lebanon Border Michael Johnson January 28, 2015
Yemeni President Resigns Following Rebel Demands Michael Johnson January 22, 2015
Five Guantanamo Detainees Transferred Michael Johnson January 15, 2015
Trial Against PLO Opens in Manhattan Michael Johnson January 14, 2015
Hamas Operative Sentenced to Life Michael Johnson January 6, 2015
Abbas Pushes for Statehood at the UN Michael Johnson December 18, 2014
Tension Mounts Amid Death of Palestinian Minister Michael Johnson December 11, 2014
U.S. Senate Approves Sanctions on Venezuelan Leaders Michael Johnson December 10, 2014
Senate Report Chastises CIA Michael Johnson December 9, 2014
Militants Attack Police in Chechnya Michael Johnson December 4, 2014
Iran Bombs IS Targets in Iraq Michael Johnson December 3, 2014
Baghdad, Kurds Agree On Deal Over Oil Revenues Michael Johnson December 2, 2014
Yemeni Government Rescues Eight Hostages Michael Johnson November 25, 2014
North Korea Threatens New Nuclear Test Michael Johnson November 20, 2014
Bill on NSA Surveillance Fails in Senate Michael Johnson November 19, 2014
More Europeans Identified in Recent IS Video Michael Johnson November 18, 2014
Bombs Target Egyptian and U.A.E. Embassies in Libya Michael Johnson November 13, 2014
New Attacks Rile Israel Michael Johnson November 11, 2014
Lebanon Secures $3 Billion Arms Deal Michael Johnson November 6, 2014
Pakistani Mob Kills Two Christians Michael Johnson November 5, 2014
Russia Increases Military Provocation of Europe Michael Johnson October 30, 2014
Secularist Party Wins Tunisian Parliamentary Poll Michael Johnson October 29, 2014
Egypt Tightens Justice System After Attack Michael Johnson October 29, 2014
Child Killed in Jerusalem Terror Attack Michael Johnson October 23, 2014
Islamic State Intercepts U.S. Airdrop Michael Johnson October 22, 2014
Despite Talks, Boko Haram Launches Attacks Michael Johnson October 21, 2014
India and Pakistan Face Off in Kashmir Michael Johnson October 7, 2014
Turkish Parliament Debates Military Authorization Michael Johnson October 2, 2014
Kabul and Washington Sign Long Awaited Agreement Michael Johnson September 30, 2014
House Approves Plan to Aid Syrian Rebels Michael Johnson September 18, 2014
Fatalities Rise as Migrants Cross the Mediterranean Michael Johnson September 17, 2014
Islamists Free Fijian Peacekeepers in Golan Michael Johnson September 11, 2014
Kerry Visits Baghdad, Meets New Iraqi PM Michael Johnson September 10, 2014
Abbas Questions Hamas's Unity Deal Michael Johnson September 9, 2014
Al-Qaeda Leader Announces New India Branch Michael Johnson September 4, 2014
U.S. Drone Targets al-Shabaab Leader Michael Johnson September 3, 2014
Sinai Militants Kill Four Israeli "Spies" Michael Johnson August 28, 2014
U.S. Surprised at Egyptian and UAE Airstrikes in Libya Michael Johnson August 27, 2014
Protesters Gather in Islamabad as Talks Fail Michael Johnson August 21, 2014
Hamas Fires at Israel, Jerusalem Responds Michael Johnson August 20, 2014
Erdogan Wins Turkish Presidency Michael Johnson August 12, 2014
New Turmoil in Baghdad While IS Advances Michael Johnson August 11, 2014
Russia Bans Some Food Imports from Europe Yael Rein August 7, 2014
Lebanese Army Agrees to Ceasefire with Sunni Militants Yael Rein August 6, 2014
U.S. General Killed in Afghan "Insider" Attack Yael Rein August 5, 2014
Arab Leaders Show Contempt for Hamas Militancy Yael Rein August 4, 2014
IS Cleanses Mosul of Christians Yael Rein July 30, 2014
Wave of Violence Hits Sinai Yael Rein July 28, 2014
CAR Signs Tenuous Ceasefire Yael Rein July 24, 2014
Washington and Tehran Extend Nuclear Talks, Again Elliot Miller July 23, 2014
Islamic State Seizes Gas Field Yael Rein July 22, 2014
Attack Near Tunisian Border Kills 14 Troops Yael Rein July 17, 2014
Militias Fight at Tripoli Airport Yael Rein July 16, 2014
Kerry Brokers Deal to Audit Afghan Votes Yael Rein July 14, 2014
Egypt To Cut Subsidies, Ease Deficit Yael Rein July 10, 2014
ISIS Hits Close to Saudi Arabia and Jordan Yael Rein July 8, 2014
Hamas Vows Revenge Following IDF Strike Yael Rein July 7, 2014
Iraqi Parliament Fails to Elect New PM Yael Rein July 2, 2014
Israel Mourns for Murdered Teens Yael Rein July 1, 2014
Two Bombings Rock Beirut Michael Johnson June 26, 2014
Candidate Proclaims Afghan Election Rigged Yael Rein June 25, 2014
Israel Strikes Syria Following Attack on Teen Yael Rein June 24, 2014
U.S. Captures Suspect in Benghazi Attacks Yael Rein June 19, 2014
Al-Shabaab Claims Responsibility for Attack in Kenya Yael Rein June 17, 2014
Israel Blames Hamas for Students' Kidnapping Yael Rein June 16, 2014
Kurdish Militias Push into Kirkuk Yael Rein June 12, 2014
ISIS Seizes Control of Mosul Yael Rein June 10, 2014
Taliban Launches Attack at Karachi Airport (1 comment) Yael Rein June 9, 2014
Syrian Election Results All But Certain Michael Johnson June 3, 2014
Abbas Appoints New Unity Government Michael Johnson June 3, 2014
Al-Sisi Wins in Egypt Amid Low Turnout Michael Johnson May 29, 2014
Obama Outlines Post 2014 Afghan Strategy Michael Johnson May 27, 2014
China and Russia Sign Major Gas Deal Michael Johnson May 22, 2014
IDF Cancels Training Due to Budget Cuts Michael Johnson May 21, 2014
Libya Responds to Raid On Parliament Michael Johnson May 20, 2014
Poland Favors U.S. Bid for Missile Defense Alex Finkelstein May 15, 2014
South Sudan Elections Delayed Alex Finkelstein May 14, 2014
Militants Attack Army Base Near Mosul Alex Finkelstein May 13, 2014
Syrian Opposition Gains Diplomatic Victory Alex Finkelstein May 8, 2014
Uighurs Blamed for Knife Attack in China Alex Finkelstein May 7, 2014
World Bank Loans $12 Billion to Pakistan Alex Finkelstein May 6, 2014
U.S. Senator Blocks Military Aid to Egypt Alex Finkelstein May 1, 2014
Yemen Launches Offensive Against al-Qaeda Alex Finkelstein April 30, 2014
Syria Again Misses Chemical Weapons Deadline Alex Finkelstein April 29, 2014
Hamas and Fatah Attempt Another Reconciliation Alex Finkelstein April 24, 2014
India Begins Six Weeks of Voting Michael Johnson April 10, 2014
Egypt Denies Bail to Detained Reporters Michael Johnson April 8, 2014
Boko Haram Violence Escalates in Nigeria Alex Finkelstein April 3, 2014
Erdogan Claims Victory Following Municipal Elections Alex Finkelstein April 2, 2014
Iraqi Election Commission Resigns Ahead of Polls Alex Finkelstein March 28, 2014
Russian Economy Weaker after Crimea Alex Finkelstein March 26, 2014
Taliban Uses Violence to Intimidate Before Elections Alex Finkelstein March 25, 2014
Israel Retaliates Against Syria for Border Bombing Alex Finkelstein March 20, 2014
Navy Seals Seize Oil Tanker Alex Finkelstein March 19, 2014
New Protests Erupt in Turkey Alex Finkelstein March 13, 2014
Netanyahu Excoriates International Community Alex Finkelstein March 12, 2014
Syrian Rebels Release Abducted Nuns Alex Finkelstein March 10, 2014
Egyptian Court Bans Hamas Activities Alex Finkelstein March 6, 2014
Pakistani Taliban Agrees to Ceasefire Alex Finkelstein March 4, 2014
North Korea Launches New Provocation Alex Finkelstein February 27, 2014
UNSC Approves Weak Resolution on Syria Alex Finkelstein February 26, 2014
Jabhat al-Nusra Spinoff Targets Lebanon Alex Finkelstein February 25, 2014
Secretary Kerry visits Tunisia (1 comment) Alex Finkelstein February 21, 2014
Free Syrian Army Dismisses Top General Alex Finkelstein February 19, 2014
Al-Qaeda Affiliate Leaves Yarmouk Refugee Camp Alex Finkelstein February 12, 2014
Presidential Panel Calls for Six State Plan in Yemen Alex Finkelstein February 11, 2014
Syria Misses Another Chemical Weapons Deadline Alex Finkelstein February 6, 2014
Al-Qaeda Leader Disowns ISIS Alex Finkelstein February 6, 2014
Rising Tension Seen Between US and Saudis Alex Finkelstein February 4, 2014
Death Sentence for Bangladeshi Opposition Leader Alex Finkelstein January 30, 2014
Egyptian General Likely to Be Next President Michael Johnson January 28, 2014
Iranian Executions Belie Claims of "Moderation" Alex Finkelstein January 23, 2014
Hariri Murder Trial Begins in the Netherlands Alex Finkelstein January 16, 2014
Multiple Car Bombings Hit Baghdad Alex Finkelstein January 15, 2014
Egyptians to Vote on New Constitution Alex Finkelstein January 14, 2014
Islamist Rebels Seize Al-Qaeda Base Michael Johnson January 9, 2014
Iraqi Army Prepares to Take Back Fallujah Michael Johnson January 8, 2014
Syria Misses Chemical Weapons Deadline (1 comment) Michael Johnson January 2, 2014
Israel Releases More Palestinian Prisoners Michael Johnson December 31, 2013
U.S. to Send Troops to South Sudan Michael Johnson December 24, 2013
Israeli Killed in Skirmish Near Lebanon Michael Johnson December 18, 2013
U.S. Signs Defense Agreement with Qatar Hannah Schaeffer December 12, 2013
Afghanistan and Iran Sign Friendship Pact Michael Johnson December 11, 2013
Report Details Human Trafficking in Sinai Michael Johnson December 6, 2013
Renewed Clashes in Northern Lebanon Hannah Schaeffer December 5, 2013
U.S.-Afghan Agreement in Jeopardy Hannah Schaeffer December 3, 2013
Pakistanis Block NATO Supplies in Protest Hannah Schaeffer November 26, 2013
Libyan Militia Kills Protesters Hannah Schaeffer November 21, 2013
Kabul Bombing Ahead of Upcoming U.S. Talks Hannah Schaeffer November 21, 2013
Saudi Arabia's Immigrant Exodus Michael Johnson November 19, 2013
Iraqi Kurdistan Pursues Oil Exports to Turkey Hannah Schaeffer November 14, 2013
Syrian Opposition Sets Conditions for Peace Talks Hannah Schaeffer November 13, 2013
Muslim Brotherhood Suspects on Trial in UAE Hannah Schaeffer November 7, 2013
Sectarian Fighting Threatens Central African Republic Michael Johnson November 6, 2013
UN: Afghan Drug Trade Thriving Hannah Schaeffer November 4, 2013
Renewed Fighting Rages in Damascus Suburbs Michael Johnson November 1, 2013
U.S. Says NATO Allies Assisted NSA Spying Hannah Schaeffer October 30, 2013
Iran's International Overtures Contrast Repression at Home Hannah Schaeffer October 29, 2013
Police Face Trial Over Brotherhood Deaths Hannah Schaeffer October 24, 2013
Human Rights Groups Criticize U.S. Drone Strikes Michael Johnson October 22, 2013
Yemen Attack Highlights al-Qaeda Threat Hannah Schaeffer October 21, 2013
Egypt-U.S. Relations Strained Following Aid Cuts Hannah Schaeffer October 16, 2013
International Organizations Struggle During Syrian War Hannah Schaeffer October 14, 2013
Al-Qaeda Executes Rare Attack in Iraqi Kurdistan Hannah Schaeffer October 10, 2013
Libyan PM Kidnapped and Released Michael Johnson October 10, 2013
U.S. Special Forces Raid Targets in Libya and Somalia Hannah Schaeffer October 9, 2013
Netanyahu Rebukes Iran in U.N. Speech Hannah Schaeffer October 3, 2013
Disarmament Team Arrives in Syria Michael Johnson October 1, 2013
Al Shabab Recruited Internationally for Kenya Attack Michael Johnson September 25, 2013
Taliban Bombing Jeopardizes Pakistan's Push for Peace Hannah Schaeffer September 23, 2013
Egypt Reopens Rafah Crossing Hannah Schaeffer September 18, 2013
Philippine Troops Clash with Muslim Rebels Hannah Schaeffer September 17, 2013
'Largest Operation' in Years Started to Quell Sinai Violence Hannah Schaeffer and Michael Johnson September 12, 2013
PKK Fighters Halt Withdraw from Turkey Michael Johnson September 10, 2013
Egyptian Courts Crackdown on Islamist Protesters Michael Johnson September 4, 2013
Afghan-Pakistani Talks Show Limited Cooperation Michael Johnson August 28, 2013
Staking Out Ground on Syria Shoshana Bryen August 27, 2013
Chemical Weapons Attack Kills Over 1,000 in Syria Matthew RJ Brodsky August 22, 2013
Kurdish-Arab Fighting in Syria Threatens to Expand War Shoshana Bryen August 19, 2013
Al-Qaeda Plots Attacks in Yemen Beth Kanopsic August 8, 2013
UN Reports on Iraq's Deadliest Month in Years (1 comment) Skyler Schmanski August 6, 2013
Sinai Peninsula Plagued by Militant Attacks Beth Kanopsic and Skyler Schmanski July 30, 2013
New Palestinian-Israeli Talks to Begin Next Week Beth Kanopsic and Skyler Schmanski July 25, 2013
Raid on Iraqi Prisons Frees Several Senior Al-Qaeda Members Beth Kanopsic July 24, 2013
EU labels Hezbollah Military Wing Terrorist Organization Skyler Schmanski July 23, 2013
EU Targets Israelis Beyond the Green Line (1 comment) Skyler Schmanski July 18, 2013
Political Transition Accelerates in Egypt Beth Kanopsic July 17, 2013
Israel Sets New Military Priorities Amid Budget Cuts Skyler Schmanski July 16, 2013
Syrian Leadership Changes as Violence Continues Beth Kanopsic July 11, 2013
The Attack on Hezbollah's Beirut Stronghold Skyler Schmanski July 10, 2013
Egyptian Military Ousts Morsi (1 comment) Skyler Schmanski July 3, 2013
Violence Continues as Taliban Peace Talks Stall Beth Kanopsic July 2, 2013
Army Preparing for Large Protests in Cairo Skyler Schmanski June 27, 2013
Libyan Government Clashes with Militias Beth Kanopsic June 26, 2013
Israel Responds to Gaza Rocket Fire Michael Johnson June 25, 2013
Jordan Prepares for a Spillover of Syria's Civil War Skyler Schmanski June 20, 2013
Hamas Urges Hezbollah to Withdraw from Syria Beth Kanopsic June 19, 2013
Rouhani, A Regime Insider, Wins Iran's Presidency Michael Johnson June 18, 2013
Attacks in Kabul Test Government's Resolve Beth Kanopsic June 13, 2013
Syrian Rebels Seize Border Crossing to the Golan Heights Skyler Schmanski June 12, 2013
Iraqi PM Meets with Kurdish Leaders Michael Johnson June 11, 2013
Egyptian Court Sentences Employees of Western NGOs Beth Kanopsic June 6, 2013
U.S. Removes Sanctions on Cell Phone Sales in Iran Skyler Schmanski June 5, 2013
Protests Erupt in Turkish Cities Michael Johnson June 4, 2013
Sectarian Bloodshed on the Rise in Iraq Michael Johnson May 30, 2013
Moscow to Deliver S-300 SAM System to Syria Michael Johnson May 29, 2013
Israel's Military Leaders Warn Syria of Escalation Michael Johnson May 23, 2013
Jihadis Kidnap Seven Egyptian Security Personnel in Sinai Michael Johnson May 22, 2013
Conservative Former PM Wins in Pakistan's Election Michael Johnson May 21, 2013
Rafsanjani Challenges Conservatives for Iran's Presidency Michael Johnson May 14, 2013
Syrian Rebels Release UN Peacekeepers in Golan Heights Michael Johnson May 13, 2013
Morsi Reshuffles Cabinet in Egypt Michael Johnson May 9, 2013
Iranians Jailed for Terror Plot in Kenya Michael Johnson May 8, 2013
Neo-Nazi Trial Begins in Germany Michael Johnson May 7, 2013
Saif al-Islam Qaddafi Makes Court Appearance in Libya Michael Johnson May 2, 2013
Continued Boston Bombings Investigation Shows Radical Influences Michael Johnson April 30, 2013
Hezbollah Suspected of Drone Incursion into Israel Michael Johnson April 29, 2013
Thwarted Canadian Terrorist Plot Shows Continuing Threat from Al-Qaeda and Iran Michael Johnson April 25, 2013
Car Bomb Hits French Embassy in Tripoli Amy Farina April 24, 2013
U.S. Announces Arms Deal with Middle East Allies Michael Johnson April 22, 2013
Pervez Musharraf Flees Arrest Warrant Michael Johnson April 18, 2013
Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad Resigns Amy Farina April 17, 2013
North Korea Threatens Regional Stability Michael Johnson April 16, 2013
Syria's al-Nusra Front Pledges Allegiance to Al-Qaeda Matthew RJ Brodsky and Michael Johnson April 11, 2013
Iran Announces New Uranium Mines After Talks Fail Amy Farina April 10, 2013
Qatari Aid to Darfur Underscores Emirate's Regional Role Michael Johnson April 9, 2013
UN Passes Conventional Arms Treaty Michael Johnson April 4, 2013
Clashes Resume Between Israel and Gaza Militants Amy Farina April 4, 2013
Kurdish PKK Rebels Announce Ceasefire Michael Johnson March 29, 2013
Turkey and Israel Creep Towards Reconciliation Michael Johnson March 28, 2013
Obama Visits Israel for First Time as President Michael Johnson March 21, 2013
Anniversary Marked by Bombings in Iraq Amy Farina March 20, 2013
New Concerns Over Buenos Aires Truth Commission Michael Johnson March 18, 2013
Netanyahu Forms New Coalition Michael Johnson March 14, 2013
Al-Qaeda Spokesman Pleads "Not Guilty" in New York Michael Johnson March 12, 2013
Insider Attack Kills Two in Afghanistan Michael Johnson March 11, 2013
Syrian Soldiers Killed During Ambush in Iraq (1 comment) Amy Farina and Michael Johnson March 7, 2013
Bombings Rile Pakistani Shiites Michael Johnson March 5, 2013
Kerry Pledges Aid to Syrian Opposition Michael Johnson February 28, 2013
Protests in Jordan Call for Reform Amy Farina February 27, 2013
Israel and U.S. Test Arrow 3 Interceptor Michael Johnson February 25, 2013
Jihadist Suspected in Damascus Car Bombing Michael Johnson February 21, 2013
Tunisian PM Resigns Amid Political Turmoil Amy Farina February 20, 2013
Hezbollah Fights in Syria Michael Johnson February 19, 2013
Details Emerge on Obama's Drone Doctrine Michael Johnson February 14, 2013
Conflict Looms Between Israel and Hezbollah Amy Farina February 13, 2013
Hezbollah Behind Attack on Israelis in Bulgaria Michael Johnson February 11, 2013
Benghazi Testimony Reveals Lack of Coordination in U.S. Government Shoshana Bryen, Matthew RJ Brodsky, and Michael Johnson February 7, 2013
Ahmadinejad in Cairo Amy Farina February 6, 2013
Cameron Discusses Peace with Karzai and Zardari Michael Johnson February 5, 2013
Israel Reportedly Bombs Syrian Site Michael Johnson January 31, 2013
Arab Uprising 2.0 in Egypt? Amy Farina January 30, 2013
Explosion at Iranian Nuclear Facility? Michael Johnson January 28, 2013
Iran to Send Monkey into Space Michael Johnson January 24, 2013
Israelis Vote with Domestic Issues in Mind (1 comment) Amy Farina January 23, 2013
Standoff at Algerian Gas Facility Ends with Dozens Dead Michael Johnson January 22, 2013
France Intervenes in Mali Amy Farina January 17, 2013
Military Transition in Afghanistan Accelerated Michael Johnson January 14, 2013
Abbas, Mashaal Agree to Implement 2011 Deal Samara Greenberg January 10, 2013
Patriot Missiles En Route to Turkey Amy Farina January 9, 2013
Abbas' "State of Palestine" Samara Greenberg January 8, 2013
Foreign Fighters Infiltrate Syrian War Samara Greenberg December 20, 2012
U.S. Inquiry into Benghazi Attack Released Samara Greenberg December 19, 2012
Libya Closes Southern Border, Declares Emergency Law Samara Greenberg December 17, 2012
U.S. Formally Recognizes Syrian Opposition Joshua Ely December 13, 2012
HSBC Fined for Business with Iran, Rogue States Michael Johnson December 12, 2012
Morsi Increases Military's Power as Vote Looms Michael Johnson December 10, 2012
Washington Warns Syria Joshua Ely December 5, 2012
Iran Claims it Captured U.S. Drone Samara Greenberg and Michael Johnson December 4, 2012
UN Upgrades Palestinians' Status Samara Greenberg December 3, 2012
Egypt Rushes Vote on Draft Constitution Samara Greenberg November 29, 2012
Israel-Hamas Reach Truce, But Will it Last? Adam Lucente November 28, 2012
Morsi's Broad Decree Brings Unrest to Egypt Michael Johnson November 27, 2012
Jordanian Protests Target the King Adam Lucente November 21, 2012
Israel, Gaza See Worst Fighting in Years Michael Johnson November 20, 2012
Iran Emboldened, Fires at U.S. Drone Joshua Ely November 15, 2012
Syrian Opposition Unites Under New Group Adam Lucente November 14, 2012
What Really Happened in Benghazi? Michael Johnson November 12, 2012
The Unsure Future of Egypt's Coptic Christians Joshua Ely November 8, 2012
Turkey Tries Israeli Commanders in Absentia Samara Greenberg November 7, 2012
Iranian Woman Beats Cleric Over Dress Code Samara Greenberg November 6, 2012
The Meaning of the Emir's Gaza Visit Michael Johnson November 1, 2012
Bahrain Bans All Protests Samara Greenberg October 31, 2012
Syria Truce Breaks Down Samara Greenberg October 30, 2012
Ceasefire in Sight for Syria? Joshua Ely October 25, 2012
West Bank Palestinians Go to the Polls Samara Greenberg October 24, 2012
Violence Erupts in Lebanon Michael Johnson October 22, 2012
Looking Toward Libya's Future Joshua Ely October 18, 2012
Empowering the Jihadists in Syria? Samara Greenberg October 16, 2012
Hezbollah Claims Responsibility for Drone Over Israel Michael Johnson October 15, 2012
Turkey Shells Syria, Approves Cross-Border Raids Joshua Ely October 4, 2012
Sanctions Continue to Hit Iran's Economy Michael Johnson October 3, 2012
World Leaders Gather, Speak at the UN Samara Greenberg September 27, 2012
In Egypt, Parliament to Remain Dissolved Samara Greenberg September 24, 2012
Hamas in Egypt: The Start of Warmer Relations? Joshua Ely September 20, 2012
Syria Test Fires Chemical Missile System Samara Greenberg September 19, 2012
The Taliban Marks 9/11, More Talks Ahead? Joshua Ely September 13, 2012
U.S. Missions in Libya, Egypt Attacked Michael Johnson September 12, 2012
A More Diplomatic Hamas? Michael Johnson September 10, 2012
Iran Using Iraqi Airspace to Assist Asad Samara Greenberg September 6, 2012
Hezbollah Threatens, White House Dithers Joshua Ely September 5, 2012
Cairo Lifts Ban on Veiled News Reporters Samara Greenberg September 4, 2012
UNSC to Discuss Syria Without U.S., Russia, China Samara Greenberg August 30, 2012
UN Creates Iran Task Force; Too Little, Too Late? Samara Greenberg August 29, 2012
Three Attacks in Afghanistan Leave 29 Dead Samara Greenberg August 28, 2012
S. Africa to Label Israeli Goods as from 'Occupied' Territory Zachary Fisher August 23, 2012
Surprised? Hamas Family Member Treated in Israel Samara Greenberg August 22, 2012
Iran's Quds Day and the Shrinking Zone of Immunity Zachary Fisher August 21, 2012
EU Marks Part of Israeli City as Settlement Zachary Fisher August 16, 2012
Tunisia's Draft Constitution Riles Activists Samara Greenberg August 15, 2012
Morsi's Power Grab? Zachary Fisher August 14, 2012
Fire on the Water: Tensions in the Persian Gulf Kalen Taylor August 9, 2012
The Beginning of the End for Asad? Kalen Taylor August 8, 2012
Terrorist Attack Hits Sinai, Israel Zachary Fisher August 7, 2012
The Kurds: The MidEast's Wild Card? Kalen Taylor August 2, 2012
Morsi Extends an Olive Branch? Jonathan Doc Habany August 1, 2012
End of an Era: U.S. Program to Train Iraqi Security Canceled Zachary Fisher July 30, 2012
Jordan's Instability Kalen Taylor July 26, 2012
Unity Coalition Collapses Over Tal Law Jonathan Doc Habany July 25, 2012
IOC Won't Spare 'Just One Minute' Zachary Fisher July 23, 2012
Secretary Clinton in Cairo Zachary Fisher July 20, 2012
Terror Attack Kills 5 Israelis in Bulgaria Samara Greenberg July 19, 2012
Asad's Syria: How Long Can It Hold? Kalen Taylor July 18, 2012
Israel and Hezbollah: Preparing for War? Jonathan Doc Habany July 17, 2012
Is there a Deal on Israel's Tal Law? Zachary Fisher July 12, 2012
Arafat's Death: A Mystery Unsolved Kalen Taylor July 10, 2012
Rising Anti-Semitism in France Jonathan Doc Habany July 9, 2012
Jordan Turns Away Syrian-Palestinians Zachary Fisher July 5, 2012
Libya: A Nation Divided Kalen Taylor July 3, 2012
Faced with Struggles, Iran Displays Stubborn Strength Zachary Fisher July 2, 2012
Syria's Escalating Violence Promises Further Regional Instability Matthew RJ Brodsky and Kalen Taylor June 28, 2012
Germany Bans Circumcision Again Zachary Fisher June 27, 2012
Egypt's New President: Mohammed Morsi Kalen Taylor June 26, 2012
Escalation in Israel's South Zachary Fisher June 21, 2012
Russia's Continued Defiance in Syria Kalen Taylor June 19, 2012
Egypt's Dubious Political Transition Zachary Fisher June 18, 2012
Syria Inching Towards 'Civil War' (1 comment) Kalen Taylor June 14, 2012
Bad Options in Egypt's Elections Kalen Taylor June 12, 2012
Israel-Turkey Relations Hit New Low? Zachary Fisher June 11, 2012
Al-Qaeda Suffers Major Hit Zachary Fisher June 7, 2012
As Russia Gradually Shifts Tone, Asad Remains Steadfast Kalen Taylor June 6, 2012
Anti-Semitism in Europe on the Rise Zachary Fisher June 5, 2012
Lawless in the Sinai Zachary Fisher May 31, 2012
Syria at a 'Tipping Point' Zachary Fisher May 30, 2012
Iran Infiltrates Afghan Media Erin Dwyer May 29, 2012
Iranian Nuke Talks to Reconvene for Round 3 Erin Dwyer May 24, 2012
Pakistan Jails Assistant in Bin Laden Raid Zachary Fisher May 23, 2012
Al-Qaeda's Grip on Yemen Zachary Fisher May 21, 2012
Iran Threatens to Sue Google Erin Dwyer May 18, 2012
Is the Taliban's Momentum 'Broke'? Erin Dwyer May 17, 2012
U.S. Commits to Increased Iron Dome Funding (1 comment) Zachary Fisher May 16, 2012
Syria Fighting Spills Over into Lebanon Samara Greenberg May 15, 2012
Replacing the Tal Law: Israel's Democracy at Work (1 comment) Zachary Fisher May 14, 2012
Moussa, Fotouh Face-Off in Egypt's First Presidential Debate Erin Dwyer May 11, 2012
Congress Mulls New Restrictions to Egypt, PA Aid Samara Greenberg May 10, 2012
Russia Terminates S-300 Contract With Iran Erin Dwyer May 9, 2012
Underwear Bomber #2 Thwarted Samara Greenberg May 8, 2012
Bin Laden from Beyond the Grave Samara Greenberg May 7, 2012
With Plans Like Annan's Samara Greenberg May 4, 2012
Freedom of Press Remains Blocked in the Middle East Erin Dwyer May 3, 2012
Taliban Responds to Obama's Afghan Visit Samara Greenberg May 2, 2012
Osama bin Laden: One Year Later Erin Dwyer May 1, 2012
Will the Atrocities Prevention Board Matter? Samara Greenberg April 30, 2012
As Some Arab Israelis Look to the Past, Others Think About the Future Samara Greenberg April 27, 2012
Sinai: The New Wild West? Erin Dwyer April 26, 2012
Asia's Arms Race Erin Dwyer April 25, 2012
Israel's 64 Years of Resilience Erin Dwyer April 24, 2012
Iran Claims it Cracked Downed Drone's Code Samara Greenberg April 23, 2012
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Al-Qaeda Making a Run for Africa? Samara Greenberg April 4, 2012
PLO, Abbas Honor Helen Thomas Samara Greenberg April 3, 2012
Tensions Flare Between North, South Sudan Samara Greenberg April 2, 2012
Israel's Friend on Iran's Border Samara Greenberg March 30, 2012
Turkey Reaffirms Support for Iranian Nuke Program Erin Dwyer March 29, 2012
Arab League Convenes in Baghdad Erin Dwyer March 28, 2012
Honor Killings in Pakistan on the Rise Samara Greenberg March 27, 2012
Egypt, Tunisia Islamists Debate Sharia's Role Samara Greenberg March 26, 2012
Israelis tell Iranians: We Love You Erin Dwyer March 23, 2012
A Pakistan-U.S. Reset? Samara Greenberg March 22, 2012
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Three Children, One Rabbi Killed Outside Jewish School in France Samara Greenberg March 19, 2012
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Israel and Gaza in the New Middle East (1 comment) Samara Greenberg March 15, 2012
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Massacre of Syrians Continues in Homs Erin Dwyer March 12, 2012
Weapons Found in Libyan Embassies Abroad Samara Greenberg March 9, 2012
U.S. Investigates Afghan Air Force Erin Dwyer March 8, 2012
Syria to Remain on UNESCO Human Rights Committee Samara Greenberg March 7, 2012
Israel Will Remain the Master of its Fate Erin Dwyer March 6, 2012
NGO Workers Leave Egypt, But Row Not Yet Over Samara Greenberg March 2, 2012
Obama, Netanyahu Set to Discuss Iran (1 comment) Samara Greenberg March 1, 2012
Israel Foreign Ministry Warns of Regional Threats Erin Dwyer February 29, 2012
Debate on Syria Rages Samara Greenberg February 28, 2012
IAEA Exposes Uranium Enrichment Advances in Iran Erin Dwyer February 27, 2012
Iran's Internet Crackdown Erin Dwyer February 24, 2012
Burning of Quran Leads to Call for Jihad Erin Dwyer February 23, 2012
Hamas Keeps Gaza in the Dark Erin Dwyer February 22, 2012
Saleh's Reign Officially Ends Samara Greenberg February 21, 2012
Underwear Bomber Sentenced to Prison for Life Samara Greenberg February 17, 2012
Will al-Qaeda Hijack Libya's Revolution? Erin Dwyer February 16, 2012
Taliban Parallels U.S. Withdrawal Strategy To Soviet Defeat Erin Dwyer February 15, 2012
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Iran to Gift Obama Pink Drone Samara Greenberg February 10, 2012
N. Sudanese Eager For Their Own "Spring"? Erin Dwyer February 9, 2012
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Fatah, Hamas Take One Step Closer Samara Greenberg February 7, 2012
Israel 2nd Most Educated Country Erin Dwyer February 6, 2012
Russia Supports its Ally Syria: You Got a Problem with That? (1 comment) Shoshana Bryen February 3, 2012
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Negotiating with the Taliban Erin Dwyer January 4, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood Renounces Recognition of Israel (1 comment) Erin Dwyer January 3, 2012
Egypt Raids Pro-Democracy Groups Erin Dwyer December 30, 2011
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Tunisian President Asks Jews to Return Samara Greenberg December 22, 2011
Iraq Under Pressure Samara Greenberg December 21, 2011
Israel, S. Sudan Solidify Ties Samara Greenberg December 20, 2011
N. Korea's Kim Jong Il Dies Samara Greenberg December 19, 2011
Iran Shuts Down Another U.S. 'Embassy' Samara Greenberg December 16, 2011
Saudi Arabia Upholds No-Magic Policy Erin Dwyer December 15, 2011
Blast in Iran an Assassination Attempt? Samara Greenberg December 14, 2011
Iraq War Formally Over Erin Dwyer December 13, 2011
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Women Driving Leads to Premarital Relations? (1 comment) Erin Dwyer December 9, 2011
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Suicide Bombs in Afghanistan Rock Sunni-Shiite Divide Erin Dwyer December 6, 2011
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Obama and Sarkozy's Insulting Gaffe Matthew RJ Brodsky and Samara Greenberg November 9, 2011
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IAEA to Release New Evidence Detailing Iran Nuke Program Samara Greenberg November 7, 2011
Have Elmo, Will Travel Samara Greenberg November 4, 2011
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French Publication Attacked for Depicting Muhammad Samara Greenberg November 2, 2011
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U.S. Withdraws Ambassador from Syria Erin Dwyer October 25, 2011
U.S. Troops to Leave Iraq by Year's End Samara Greenberg October 24, 2011
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Gilad Schalit Returns Home Erin Dwyer October 18, 2011
President Obama's War? Samara Greenberg October 17, 2011
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KSM & Co. to be Tried in Military Tribunals Samara Greenberg April 5, 2011
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VA Man Plots Attack on DC Metro Samara Greenberg October 28, 2010
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Russia Takes 'an Irreversible Step' Samara Greenberg August 13, 2010
Hezbollah and the Possibility of Another War (1 comment) Dr. Josef Olmert August 12, 2010
Iran Provokes U.S. with Mass Graves (1 comment) Samara Greenberg August 11, 2010
Building Bridges? Ground Zero Mosque Imam to Travel MidEast on U.S. Dollar Samara Greenberg August 10, 2010
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Somolia-town, Minneapolis Samara Greenberg August 6, 2010
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JPC Distinguished Fellows in the Press Matthew Brooks June 21, 2007
Our First Entry: From Executive Director Matthew Brooks Matthew Brooks June 21, 2007

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