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Spring 2016

Israel - Beyond the Headlines


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Palestine Civil War Threatens Peace Talks

Reader comment on: Palestinian Civil War Casts Shadow Over Peace Talks

Submitted by Chana Givon (United States), Nov 25, 2008 18:59

It is time for us to recognize that there is no solution to the conflict in the Middle East. Israel is at the forefront of the same war that is confronting the rest of the world - against radical Islam of which terrorism is the weapon.

The 'Palestine/Israel conflict' is a misnomer; it is not about territory but the desire of the Arabs/ Muslims to destroy the Jewish state....if not by war then piece by piece. Each time that Israel relinquishes some territory it is occupied by those who perpetuate the violence against her. Too many concessions have already been made 'in the interest of peace' or to 'strengthen Abbas'. Concessions to her neighbors are considered a sign of weakness; the West does not understand the thinking of the Middle East. One must wonder why the same mistakes are repeated in the hope that something will change. Why would the enemy change anything when the old formula works?!!

The Muslim war against the Jews began long before 1948; under the British Mandate that government looked aside during terrorist attacks against the Jewish population; the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was Hitler's supporter for the Final Solution and, at his behest, Jews escaping the death camps were not permitted entry into Palestine. The British limited Jewish immigration while permitting Arabs from neighboring countries entry even to the 22% of land that had been promised as a Jewish homeland by the League of Nations. That presence, despite the creation of 'eastern Palestine' - an entity now called Jordan which was for Arabs only - true apartheid!

The terrorism used against Jews by the Muslims during the last century was so successful and is being used against the West now - with an international network whose goal it is to establish a global caliphate ruled by sharia, strict Islamic law. This is announced publicly by radical Islamists who threaten more attacks like that of 9/11, Madrid, and London. in order to achieve their goal.

Given these conditions, attempting to impose a 'peace' in the Middle East will yield the same results of previous American administrations. The goal off the Arabs is not peace but the destruction of Israel on the path to the takeover of the entire area by a nuclear Iran which will set her sway over the region and create a paradise for terrorists.

One last thought: 'process' implies give and take - compromise. The Arabs in Palestine have never lived up to any agreements; they refused to disband terrorists and relinquish their weapons. Only Israel has been obliged to honor any accords. Thus, there is no 'peace process' and the phrase should be relegated to fiction. It is high time for Jewish organizations to reveal the facts of the last century beginning with the League of Nations vote to establish a viable homeland for Jews, not the tiny slice to which we have been whittled down.

These facts are but the starting point in the Jewish narrative that must be told. For 2,000 years a dream was kept alive by a worthy People who were prevented by others from returning to their homeland; now is that time!


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