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Wishful Thinking

Reader comment on: Mounting Israeli Frustration Over Lack of Missile Defense

Submitted by Rubicon (United States), Mar 30, 2009 09:54

Far too many people around the world think if we could only "reason" with our enemies, we could solve these problems. Far too many think, we can hold off on these "military" things. If we need them, then we can get them.

These wishful thoughts, are fool's errands. There is no substitute for a good defense. In the end, even if they are never fired, defensive missile systems would allow Israelis' & Americans too, to get a decent nights sleep. In the end, some enemies are so obsessed w/ themselves, they see nothing but hate. They accept no compromise, or if they do its temporary while they prepare to do even more harm.

It is true, that until an enemy treasures its own lives more than death, then it is killing that will guide their thoughts & actions. The mortars & rockets, that even those trying to find peaceful solutions through donations & other supposedly humane funding, end up paying for attackers to buy the arms used to indiscriminately kill innocents.

Israel is accused of all sorts of wrongs, yet many realize the media & her enemies have tailored reporting to make Israel look bad, just as the media has done the same to America. These stupid sympathies were prevalent prior to WWII. They made excuses & they ignored the despicable actions of those doing the attacking then. The world got a monster then & now, the world faces multiple monsters who think only their way is correct. So long as they will accept no other w/o submission, they are enemies to freedom & they must be dealt with in at least a defensive position.

Its far too late to respond, once those who are blind to the threats we face finally realizes they & we are in actual danger. You cannot defend against incoming missiles by placing the order once you hear the rocket screaming in. Its time Israel & America acts to properly defend ourselves & our ways of life, from those who would take our freedoms away from us to impose their draconian ideologies on all.

Negotiate all you want. In the meantime, prepare & CYA!

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Note: Comments are screened, and in some cases edited, before posting. This site reserves the right to reject anything found to be objectionable.

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