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Spring 2016

Israel - Beyond the Headlines


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Reader comment on: The Professor's Paranoia

Submitted by Atheist anti-religious and anti-war (Lebanon), Apr 21, 2009 16:06

As another inaccuracy of the massive zionist and israeli propaganda around the world, Anti-Semitism is also Anti-Arab. Because as you may not know, or may not will it that others know: Arabs are also semites... How can a semite be anti-semitic? There's only one way: If you oppose the violent, racist, inhuman, and the indiscriminate zealots of Zionism then you are anti-semitic. The holocaust did happen, and any human being should stand sternly against any loss of a kin human life. But the holocaust has become the pretext of decades of relentless violence that has targetted Arab Palestinians - and non-Palestinians when necessary like Rachel Corrie. The holocaust has come to condone unbearable practices by a racist state that has far exceeded the apartheit regime in its perpetrations. In a world where money rules, and interests define what is right and what is not... International support not only turns a blind eye to these practices, but an immense matrix of governments, political circles, coporations, media and entertainment blockbusters.. all translate ample support to all sorts of contributions to a "create-as-you-go" myth. A myth of a historically persecuted people trying to be a beacon of democracy, modernity, and peace. The Israelis will take the Middle East out from its dark age into the civilized world. The discoverers of new America took hundreds of years to eradicate the natives of the new found land, the Israelis still haven't completed their first century of similar efforts. While such words are deemed racist and radical, they also only explain Zionist behavior most accurately within such a paradigm. 7,282,000 million Israelis and let's say backed up by all 14 million Jews calling for a nation of their own, will have to eradicate almost the whole of the MENA population i.e. 6% of world population. Behind all this massive tampering by historical Zionist lobbying world wide, simple questions remain unanswered such as the explanation how a secular west supports a religious state even at the expense of religious bloodshed...

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Note: Comments are screened, and in some cases edited, before posting. This site reserves the right to reject anything found to be objectionable.

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