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Spring 2016

Israel - Beyond the Headlines


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Response to Samuel, Dan and Debbie

Reader comment on: Transforming America's Israel Lobby
in response to reader comment: leftist claptrap

Submitted by George (United States), Jun 11, 2009 21:25

The comments of Debbie, Samuel and Dan strike a consistent chord. Their view is that Israel is in a uniquely morally justifiable position which somehow exempts it form the same objective scrutiny that might be applied to any other sovereign nation.

If one loves Israel unquestionably, and justifies its actions without exception, is there any possibility that rational, honest examination of the morality of Israel's actions is ever possible? Is it not possible to love one's son unquestionably, and be ever ready to defend him, and still acknowledge that this same beloved son is capable of an immoral and unjustifiable action?

Millions of moral and fair-minded people who defend Israel's right to live in peace and security, still recognize the immorality and futility of collective punishment of Palestinians. Does it increase Israel's security to seal off the Gaza strip, deny the free flow of food, medicine, and even water and electricity? Do home demolitions, land seizures, imprisonment without trial, school closings and denial of fundamental human rights increase the odds that Palestinians will just knuckle under and submissively accept their oppresive treatment by the military authorities who control their every move? Do 536 security checkpoints inside the Occupied Territoritories, that severely restrict movement from neighgorhood to neighborhood within Palestinian towns, make life for Israelis any more secure than it would be if these checkpoints were removed?

Perhaps, the most ardent defenders of Israel should take the time to reflect on the repercussions of Israel's draconian security policies. Perhaps, a change in Israel's policies could reflect positively on its major priorities, i.e. to enable its people to live peaceful, safe lives and raise their families free of indiscriminate attacks and bombings.

There is nothing genetically predetermined that makes Arabs hate Jews, nor Jews hate Arabs. There are centuries of history, before the beginning of the 20th century, that prove that Arabs and Jews have lived together harmoniously and with complete respect for the free practice of each other's religious beliefs and customs.

Please , before reactively criticizing the sentiments expressed herein, take a day or two to reflect on the possibility that there are some notions that are critical of Israeli policies, but still worthy of your consideration.

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