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We need another 9-11, and a Depression wouldn't hurt

Reader comment on: The Fight Against Radical Islam and the New Anti-Semitism on Campus

Submitted by jennifer solis (United States), Oct 16, 2007 18:24

The similarities between Communism and Nazi-ism and Islamism are apparent.

What are the differences between the past U.S.A. of WWII, and the U.S.A. of present?

There were only twenty years between the First and the Second World War. As Dr. Pipes mentioned, in the Second WW we learned our lesson and Germany was crushed. Not to mention Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The Great Depression preceded WWII.

It's been sixty years since WWII. Not a long time, but long enough.

The U.S. today is suffering from D.F.R.D. (Divorced From Reality Disorder). This nation has become so soft it's pathetic. The liberalism permeating Universities is due to arrogance which stems from all the psyco-bable which has been allowed to grow stronger and thrive, due to existing many years in a prosperous and secure nation. A sense of entitlement exists; their bright ideas will replace the sacrifice of our WWII heroes. Patton has been replaced by the Peacenick and political correctness. The Ugly Truth is ignored in favor of intellectual "thinking" that arrogantly supposes all solutions come from "within" - empathy, sympathy, good-will towards man, and pointing the finger - none of which is called opon to be substantiated. Emotionalism thrives.

It's like a child that's spoiled.

This country was ANYTHING BUT spoiled circa WWII.

There are in our presence great, objective reality-oriented thinkers, among whom are the panel you provided (particularly Daniel Pipes).

But how big an audience is listening? Even if they were forced to listen, they wouldn't comprehend. Leftism in this country is preoccupied with themselves and their conviction that the "human condition" can be solved by (their)intellectual capabilities. "Freedom through millitary victory", such an intrinsic for past survival of this great nation, is anathema.

As Dr. Pipes pointed out, the word "victory" has all but vanished from our vocabulary. Why? Because it's a "dirty word". Haven't we become an advanced civilization? Aren't we so bright and enlightened and intelligent that we've risen to a superior intelligence that resolves conflict through our genius, our intellect, our "shared humanity"?

Self-absorbed rot.

The only thing I see shaking the Communistic-Leftist trend in this country is another 9-11. Emotionalism and arrogance go hand-in-hand until it's forced apart by catastrophic event. Then, emotionalism latches onto fear, which brings humility. Only then will the Leftist populace look toward Dr. Pipes and the like for leadership and solution. -JS

P.S. For an interesting exposition by Dr. Pipes on his comment regarding "lawful" as opposed to "violent" Islam -

- "Lawful Islam: The Greater Threat? - September 9, 2007

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Oct 16, 2007 18:24

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Oct 8, 2007 21:23

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