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Israel is missing the biggest Technology Boat - Renewable Energy.

Reader comment on: Israeli Economy @ Pentium 4 Speed

Submitted by Jay Rosenberg (United States), Jul 3, 2008 12:57

Israel is missing the biggest Technology Boat of all Time: - Renewable Energy. Energy not only means trillions of dollars as a pure play provider, multiple trillions of dollars in ever more related energy intensive industry such as aluminum manufacturing (12,500 kWh/ MT), transportation, autos, hospitality…, but most importantly Security. Renewable energy for Israel means water, agriculture, strategic industry, as well as electricity. Not to mention, $USD 20 billion Import Bill for Oil (315,200 brls/day $140/barrel) 12 month forward projection. That is over 10% of Israel's GDP.

Energy is our society's strategic substrate, its governing DNA. Fractional revenue, in terms of blow-back invested to destroy, destabilize and undermine the tiny strip of democracy called Israel, is not theory. The barons that control the spigots understand and employ geopolitical leverage. Unfortunately, Israel's entrants are doing well, so what is being pursued is money, not cracking energy, which is of paramount strategic importance. Cracking energy means to be able to generate from a number of renewable energy stocks copious, cheap, carbon-free power. Ironically, because there is a lot of revenue from Solar Thermal, there is no motivation to conquer energy, or change as would be appropriate in the straits we are in. After this brief feast, there will be however, junk yards of legacy systems. Energy is a commodity, and only price/kWh matters. The US has no coherent renewable program, and lots of diversions like ethanol. Israel, which should, does not, unless you consider robotic battery swapping / electric vehicles a systemic solution. The world's power consumption is 10 fold its electrical consumption of 18 trillion kWh. My company (Sannerprojects, in positing its own $.05/kWh solutions in Wind/ Solar to the overwhelming silence of Modern Western companies, many with Silicon Valley pedegree. However there are meaningful and tangible steps from other nations/ companies and are being acted on.

Iceland quietly became the richest European nation, because it tapped its cheap, copious renewable energy. Iceland is becoming one of the largest aluminum producers, despite a 12,000 mile import route obtaining alumina from Australia. If Israel realized that renewable energy (and energy) is an exportable global commodity, 1% equivalent of U.S. electrical production, at $.05/kWh that would be USD$ 2 billion, or 1.08% of Israel's 2007 GDP! Achieving 1% of the world's energy production would add $USD 90 billion to Israel's GDP. Israel should become a major Aluminum and Ferrosilicon producer, just by tapping its renewable energy resources, and human resources. As Shakespeare said me thinks we are being: "Consumed by that which hath nourished us." JR

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