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Double Standards.

Reader comment on: Palestinian Rocket Report

Submitted by Shahid Syed (Pakistan), Dec 29, 2008 14:37

First of all, Israel should expose the undeniable reality to Muslims, in particular, and to the international community, in general, that one may change friends and allies, but one can not change neighbours.

Palestinians can not live side by side with Iran, United Kingdom, Russia and Saudi Arabia. Palestinians have to live side by side and to deal with the State of Israel. Hostile attitude of Hamas would serve no purpose; rather derail the process of the formation of Palestinian State.

Very interesting double standards of Arab & Muslim world. At one side, Arab league's intoxicated Amr Moosa calls for meeting, Saudi King calls President of U.S. Mr. George W. Bush, rallies are held in [Iran, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Europe & other Muslim Countries], but no one accepts the reality that Palestinian State would likely to be established in the corridors of the State of Israel, not in the neighbourhood of Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom & Russia.

"Russia" made offense on "Georgia"; "Iraq" made offense on "Kuwait"; "East Timur" was established independent from Indonesia, quickly.

Rather than supporting anarchist forces in Palestine, Arab & Muslim and other countries should take some nails of wiseness. They should stop funding Hamas and other terrorist groups of Palestine.

If, Hamas engages itself in dialogue with a relatively moderate Al-Fatah for an integrated Palestinian government and gives up its slogan of destroying Israel, then, a trilaterally agreed solution may be found containing Israel, Al-Fatah and Hamas.

In addition, I.D.F. should print pamphlets in Arabic & English for distribution in Gaza through Helicopter and sending text messages quoting, "Hamas is responsible all this worsening situation in Gaza. Because of Hamas' wrong practices, the Palestinians are facing such kind of situation. This is all happening because of wrong-doing of Hamas."

I.D.F. should also work on changing in public opinion of the masses of Gaza. This type of spin-doctoring might help in changing the public opinion of Gaza to be hostile towards Hamas.

Answer to "Diplomacy", is "Diplomacy". Answer to "Qassam Rockets & all kinds of militancy" is "Israel Defence Forces".

Mr. David Miliband should know that at least, Israel has not commited the massacre of "Jalianwala Bagh"; in which countless people were killed without any reason.

At least, there is no Queen Isabella of Spain in Israel.

Whatever, Israel is doing, is doing its self-defence.

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