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Chosen People, Choosing Left.

Reader comment on: Chosen People, Choosing Left

Submitted by Debbie (United States), Oct 5, 2009 08:30

This situation is totally baffaling about the majority of Jewish voters. I cannot believe they are this naieve and do not see the truth. Barack Obama is not only destroying the United States economy, he is siding with his arab Palestinian friends, just as Jimmy Carter did. It seems as though the Jewish people are enabling their destroyer, and cannot see Obama's connections to the muslim world, and that he is taking this country toward a one world government and monetary system. Unemployment is at 10% and in some places like Michigan 14%. Car dealerships lots are bare, because they sold their cars in the Cash for clunkers program and GM cannot make the new cars fast enough for dealers to survive. Chrysler is probably going out of business. So much for government buyouts of companies, and telling CEOs to resign so the government can put their disciple in the position. The stimulus didn't work, and Obama is talking about another stimulus. He is bankrupting the country, and using the Robin hood theory to pass a health care bill for Illegals, on the backs of people who do work and the taxpayers, who are trying to send their children to college.

This single payer option will actually mean less services to those of us who have a private health care. Companies will opt out to cover their employees anymore, and everyone will be forced to go with government health care, which will create waiting periods, and lack of services for cancer patients who need immediate treatment, such as chemo, surgery, or radiation. Our doom is being dispersed by a man who doesn't care about, or love America, and whose plan is to destroy our way of life...We aren't even allowed to view this new health care bill,, or it is so skewed, you can't understand it, because then we would know about all the take-aways that will take place in our lives.

Iran is about ready to gain nuclear weapons, and the President talks about negotiating and talking. He thinks his words are magic and our enemies will praise his majesty! We may be in for nuclear Armegeddon as well as the Financial Armegeddon we are in now! What is wrong with people's reasoning power? God only knows!!!!

Remember there will be a false prophet that enables the anti-christ to totally change the nations into this one world government. He will be cunning, deceitful, a great speaker, and charismatic.

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Note: Comments are screened, and in some cases edited, before posting. This site reserves the right to reject anything found to be objectionable.

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