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Brevity is the soul of wit

Reader comment on: Winning the Long War

Submitted by Carol Joan McVey (United States), Nov 16, 2009 20:45

Berman's synthesis and analyses of multiple sources on the war with Islamic extremism demonstrates that less is sometimes more. Here are just a few highlights of the book:

Perhaps most salient is Berman's treatment of the Iranian threat. The author exposes Iran's dependence on refined petroleum as a weakness that, rather ironically, trumps the strength of its vast oil reserves. Armed with this knowledge, the author proposes a means to reverse the stupefying effects of the 1979 Iranian revolution that led this Persian nation, once rich with pre-Islamic cultural identity, into an era of economic decline and cultural erasure. Berman outlines a means to restore the Persian cultural identity and deflect Islamic- Iranian military aggression with a specific tactic that could facilitate change through democratic venues.

Next, the analysis of "just-war theory," attributed to its fourth-century author, Saint Augustine, renews this classic litmus for military engagement and suggests a global reference for addressing dilemmas in trying suspected war criminals in civilian courts and in trying civilian terrorists in military tribunals.

Finally, the book warns that the loss of funds for Voice of America and other American PR media outlets could seriously impede all efforts to promote democracy abroad and to foster good relations with oppressed Islamic populations. This American silence could result in a damaging global perception of American identity and power.

This is a short read for students, military academics, and security administrators. Winning the Long War: retaking the offensive against radical islam is a must read for members of Congress as well as Executive and Judicial branch leaders of the Obama administration.

Perhaps Congress could hire Mr. Berman to condense Congressional bills in such short order.

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