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Spring 2016

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It is genocidal and geopolitical

Reader comment on: Iran's Nuclear Anti-Zionism Is Genocidal, Not Political

Submitted by Carlos Aliaga Uria (Bolivia), Jan 7, 2010 19:15

(Please note.- English not Spanish is my mother┬┤s tongue but still let me try it in English -with which I am familiar enough though).

Professor Marcus crucially argues that Ahmadinejad┬┤s anti-Semitism is genocidal not political. I would argue that it is both -genocidal and geopolitical, and that is more dangerous even. But my problem is not with Professor Marcus (in fact, to thank him for soundly refutting scholar S. Benesch, is the least I can do). My problem is with a world that tragicomically remains indifferent to a very dangerous aspect of those who stand against political Zionism (or against the existence of the State of political Israel), and perhaps only those Ruandan activists that questioned Charles Small have it right: Why -only- the existing political State of Israel is the -subject- and the rest of the political States in the world never are so? Concretely, those who hate the USA may say, "death to American Imperialism"; those who stood against the Nazis may have said, "death to Nazi Germany"; those who stood against Stalinist USSR: "death to Soviet totalitarism". Notice that in all those cases, the USA, Germany, ex-USSR are/were -not- the subject. The attack is never against the subject, the country, the State itself, but against the adjectives of the subject ("imperialist," "Nazi," etc.). The exception to this rule is Israel: "death to Israel - wipe off Israel". And Israel, the State of Israel, is a political one. Hence, the attack of Ahmadinejad is political in the most dangerous sense of the world -of course that he does it also for political reasons (i.e., wants, in its isolation, to gain some geopolitical power). But, more importantly, his attack -besides being genocidal- do go against a legitimate and existing political State.

Ahmadinejad, therefore, besides being genocidal is also violating U.N. Declaration 181 of 29 Nov. 1947, which called for the partition of the British Palestine Mandate into a Jewish State and an Arab one. Yes, of course, the UN as now it stands, will do nothing about it. But still, thanks to Prof. K. Marcus┬┤ crucial article it is evident that Ahmadinejad is acting genocidal thus must be brought to international justice just for that. But also, he must be taken to international court for expressing publically his intentions to wipe out a political State, one created by international law. And this must concern not just Israel, but also, both the UN and every citizen in the world, especially these days that organizations like the UN stand "comfortably numb" when one of its own creations (i.e., the politidal State of Israel), is treated. Then, what is next?

I react strongly to this, because I am from and live in Bolivia. Ahmadinejad is received by president Morales with all the honours -and this simply cannot be: Ahmadinejad, by being a Holocaust denier, is in turn a history negationist (thus as J. Derrida long ago clarified he is worse than just a revisionist); thus he attacks, not just the Jewish people and the State of Israel, but history itself . And this has to be opposed. And must be also denounced because if this is permitted, then, for instance, someone may say that the torturing dictatorships of the 1970s and 1980s in Latin America never happened.... We have to protest against him, even if we are not effective even if we are just one standing alone -I did so, and so in some way my consciousness rests in relative peace (here is the evidence:

Congratulations for your very important work and thank you,

Carlos Aliaga Uria

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⇒ It is genocidal and geopolitical [596 words]

Carlos Aliaga Uria 

Jan 7, 2010 19:15

Powerfully sobering article re: Iran's genocidal intentions [123 words]

Eric Goldie 

Dec 1, 2009 15:53

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