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Spring 2016

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Muslim viewpoint

Reader comment on: The Obama Effect in the Muslim World

Submitted by TMay (United States), Mar 24, 2010 13:58

As I see it, he is blaming the Jews. He is blaming Iran's intransigence and Afghanistan and Iraq on the lack of peace between Israel and the Palestinians and that it is the Israelis who are not making peace happen. He is under the delusion that if he forces a 2 state solution that peace will break out everywhere and he has not learned from Gaza that if he forces a 2 state solution before the Palestinians have accepted and agreed to Israel's existence, and put it on the maps, and teach it in the schools, that there will be a repeat of Gaza and not the break out of peace. He only asks for concessions from the Israelis and he has has raised the bar and escalated the demands on the Israelis by objecting to construction in Jerusalem. Israelis are calling the rioting and deaths that started up the Obama Intifada and he earned that honor. He thought of it. He started it. Apparently he was paying attention when he spent all those years listening to Rev Wright and to Farrakhan. He has Terminal Leftist Naivete (TLN) in my judgement and it will result in Jewish deaths unless Israel and Netanyahu can resist him.

The American Jewish community has to develop some insight, some backbone, some humility, and unity as well. No one wants people sitting safely in their cities dictating terms to people whose lives are on the line with a target painted on them. The Israelis should not be the guinea pigs on which the American intellectuals try out their intellectual untested theories based on their faith and nothing more in Leftist ideology. They need an overview to see the possibility of death by a thousand cuts, the non existence by a thousand concessions on territory and other terms. AIPAC cheering Hillary this week was dismaying. Do they never learn?

He has bought the Muslim view, hook line and sinker. He doesn't know what he doesn't know. He also does not know that if Israel is destroyed it will not make the Muslim world happy. it will feed the appetite of political Islamist expansionism that includes the West, Europe, and the US.

So if American Jews feel safe here in America, they may want to rethink that. If we contribute to the demise of Israel, we American Jews will be less safe, and more so if we refuse to see, hear, speak, act, and mainly refuse to learn. American Jews need to develop a memory. Remember Gaza. Learn something.

For one thing, now that we see how President Obama stops at nothing to get what he wants, we know what he is capable of with Israel. Please note that while this has been happening, nothing has happened with Iran. Now that the social Democrats have exhibited that they are a Far Left party, the Jews should be switching to the Republican Party.

If only President Obama was blaming President Bush.

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Mar 27, 2010 12:07

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Gary Michael Adler 

Mar 17, 2010 17:40

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