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Spring 2016

Israel - Beyond the Headlines


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Gaza "freedom flotilla"

Reader comment on: What Really Happened on the Gaza 'Freedom Flotilla'

Submitted by Mike W (United States), Jun 2, 2010 21:24

I could not agree with your editorial more. This was clearly desiged to provoke an international response. Unfortunately, it has been successful. Below are comments I have posted to our own local media:

What's a country to do? Reports are amassed that offensive rockets are being funneled into a bordering state that is committed to the destruction of your homeland. Your country proclaims to the world that a naval blockade and quarantine are imposed. Tensions run high as your adversary dispatches ships to test your resolve, but you don't blink. Your adversary gets the message you mean business. Sound familiar? It should. It was the game plan of President Kennedy in 1962 when the US discovered missiles in Cuba that were capable of reaching American cities.

Today, Israel faces that same tension. After the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza strip in September, 2005, the area was overtaken by Hamas, a political arm of the terrorists who are dedicated to the overthrow and destruction of Israel. Since that withdrawal, thousands and thousands of rockets have been fired into Southern Israel. Last summer I saw the shell casings of the rockets that were fired into one city and there were hundreds of them.

To protect itself, Israel has initiated a blockade to prevent shipping from going directly into Gaza. What happened on the weekend of May 30-31 is a regular occurrence the Israelis face every week if not every day. It is a simple matter for aid and relief shipping to detour to the Port of Ashdod in Israel for a cargo inspection. Ashdod is within sight of the Gaza strip. Well meaning humanitarians know this and would be compliant. The detour and delay would be minimal.

Much is made of the plight of the people in the Gaza and their suffering. One should ask why is there no hue and cry that Hamas tend to the needs of its people in Gaza rather than focus its energies on the destruction of Israel. One need not look far to see in the sermons of Muslim clerics of the region that Israel's destruction is still their passionate theology. Also, when your people are in such a horrible state as they are in Gaza, it helps to divert attention away from the cause of their condition (Hamas) and blame someone else (Israel).

It is important to remember that Israel is the only country in the region where the leadership is democratically elected. While the US has relationships with others in the Middle East, we have but one true friend who has stood the test of time. What happened this weekend was probably a set up much like one our former congressional nutcases Cynthia McKinney attempted not long ago. No one is arguing for Israel's absolute innocence, but no one should be arguing against her absolute right of security, either. After all, how many rockets would it take being launched into South Florida before the US would take off the gloves and hit backā€¦hard.

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Jun 5, 2010 02:01

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Mike W 

Jun 2, 2010 21:24

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Jun 2, 2010 14:52

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