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FItzgerald: 100 things Europe can do to protect itself

Reader comment on: The Tripartite Threat of Radical Islam to Europe

Submitted by heroyalwhyness (United States), Jan 30, 2008 15:15

Fitzgerald: 100 things Europe can do to protect itself

"The poll, carried out across 21 countries, found "widespread anti-immigration sentiment", but warned Europe's Muslim population will treble in the next 17 years." -- from this news article

"Will treble?" Is this simply a given? There is nothing Europeans can do about this to protect their own legacy, their own art, science, legal and political institutions, their own physical security? Nothing?

Many things can be done. By god, I could list a hundred:

1. Halt Muslim migration. If you seek its justification, circumspice.

2. Deport all Muslim non-citizens. They have no divine right to remain.

3. Make naturalization tests much stiffer, requiring knowledge of the history and culture of whatever European nation is giving the test. A loyalty oath to the nation-state should be required, one which makes express the foreswearing of all other loyalties, and that includes a phrase about perjury being grounds for the stripping of citizenship so obtained.

Make sure the oath is written so as to expressly exclude a higher loyalty offered to Islam or to fellow members of the Umma throughout the world.

4. Put much more effort and money into enforcing the laws that exist (or if those laws are not strong enough, make them stronger) so that those who fraudulently receive benefits, and who have been violating the law (say, on polygamy), or who refuse to work (and receive unemployment benefits) though able-bodied, are subject not only to being permanently deprived of all such benefits provided by the Infidel state (free health care, free education, free or greatly-subsidized housing) but that the property such people may have accumulated is seized by the state. There have been too many cases of very large sums being accumulated by Muslims who officially have been on the dole. This problem is not confined to one European country, but can be found everywhere.

5. Make conviction for violence or threats of violence that are prompted by a refusal to accept freedom of speech as understood in the West to be grounds for immediate deportation of non-citizens and of deportation, after a hearing (before special courts, with judges versed in Islamic ideology), of those who managed to acquire citizenship in countries for which they do not feel, and cannot possibly feel, any real loyalty.

6. Interdict, by seizure (with no return), any sums that are sent from abroad by Muslim governments or groups to pay for mosques and madrasas within the lands of Western Europe. Make it very difficult for such buildings to be erected, and use the opposition of local communities, and the zoning laws, to prevent more such buildings from going up.

7. Make sure that the race-relations industry is not roped into defending what has nothing to do with "racism" but with a clear and distinct set of ideas, inculcated by Islam. To wit: the duty of Jihad to remove all barriers to the spread, and then dominance, of Islam, and the view of the universe as being divided in two, between Believers and Infidels, with the former required to see themselves as in a permanent state of war (though not always and everywhere in a state of open warfare -- not if the Infidels are too strong) with Infidels.

8. Do everything to encourage, in and out of schools, the study of the real Islam, and everything to discourage, to expose and to mock, the presentations of Islam by the sly apologists, whether the apologist is a sweetly-smiling hijabbed Muslimah prepared to explain the "real Islam" at some interfaith-racket Outreach to Infidels at some Mosque Open Night, or at the local library or meeting-hall.

9. Make sure that members of the political and media elites are vigilantly observed by those whom they presume to instruct and protect, to see if they themselves understand Islam sufficiently. Do not let them continue to get away with ignoring this subject, acting as if "of course" Islam is "moderate" or to pretend that real, detailed knowledge, both of what is inculcated in the Qur'an, Hadith, and Sira, and what the 1350-year history of Muslim conquest and subjugation of every kind of Infidel, is somehow unnecessary for their own functions and duties, a waste of time, an irrelevancy. It is not.

10. This one I leave to you.

11-100. And these too.

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