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Spring 2016

Israel - Beyond the Headlines


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Title Publication Date
Top of the List Baltimore Jewish Times April 2, 2015
Israel and Jordan: The Middle East's Odd Couple U.S. News and World Report November 14, 2014
Local RJC talk to highlight vexing Middle East problem Cleveland Jewish News November 14, 2014
Obama's ISIS Strategy Will Not Achieve Its Goals, Security Insiders Say National Journal September 18, 2014
How to Deal With Islamic State? Promote Inclusiveness and Tolerance The Algemeiner September 18, 2014
An after- action analysis of 'Protective Edge' San Diego Jewish World September 2, 2014
Rallies in Washington, Tel Aviv Mix Pro-Israel & Pro-Kurdish Messages The Tower August 27, 2014
The Iron Dome defense The Washington Post July 17, 2014
The Minority Strategy: A New Path for American Interests in the Middle East Breaking Israel News July 16, 2014
America's Nuclear Nightmares: Russia, China, and Soon Iran? July 15, 2014
D-day: How The 'special Relationship' Between America And Britain Saved The Free World Breitbart June 6, 2014
Former Obama Administration Official: Missiles Must Be Included in Talks The Tower June 2, 2014
House Committee Adds Language to Bill that would Deepen U.S.-Israel Missile Defense Ties The Tower May 27, 2014
House bill calls for US firms to share in Israel's Iron Dome Al-Monitor May 22, 2014
Syria to permit Palestinians to attack Israel The Jerusalem Post May 7, 2013
Analysis: Israel Strikes Syria, Sends A Message To The Region Washington Jewish Week May 6, 2013
How Important Is Israel To American Jewish Voters? Baltimore Jewish Times October 25, 2012
Netanyahu's Call for Early Elections Will Help Achieve His Social, Economic and Security Goals Baltimore Jewish Times October 18, 2012
Free Syrian Army fighters aren't extremists or 'al-Qaeda types,' group's DC fundraiser insists The Times of Israel September 29, 2012
Uncertain Future of a Nuclear Iran The Forward February 20, 2012
U.S. Israel Differences May Have Prompted Israel Iranian Terror Group Expose The Algemeiner February 9, 2012
Engagement with Syria: Time for reassessment? Washington Jewish Week August 17, 2011
Hamas-Fatah make nice, but what does it have to do with peace? Washington Jewish Week May 5, 2011
Reaching out Some question Obama's call to send envoy to Syria Washington Jewish Week January 12, 2011
Palin Goes Abroad The Daily Beast December 10, 2010
Speaker: Israel Security Threatened Lancaster Intelligencer Journal September 15, 2009
Hamas vs. Al-Qaeda (1 comment) Frontpage Magazine August 20, 2009
Hamas, Fatah Split Grows As Prospects For Peace Dim (1 comment) Cleveland Jewish News April 17, 2009
Iran Insidious Threat, Mideast Institute Panelists Agree Jewish Community Voice April 8, 2009
Palestinian Divisions Obstacle to Peace Talks World Politics Review February 19, 2009
Interview: Why Hamas and Fatah Fight Near East Report February 19, 2009
Two Palestines Jerusalem Post January 30, 2009
Hamas-Fatah Civil War Prologue to Cast Lead The State January 16, 2009
The Other War in Gaza Libertad (Spain) January 15, 2009
Palestine Divided (1 comment) National Review Online January 9, 2009
Scholars Expound on Where Obama's Policies Will Take Him The Jewish Exponent January 8, 2009
Hamas's Other War National Review Online January 8, 2009
A Dose of Palestinian Reality Washington Jewish Week January 7, 2009
Gaza: The Inside Story (1 comment) FrontPage Magazine December 31, 2008
A History of Factional Bloodshed The Washington Times December 30, 2008
Jonathan Schanzer Answers Questions about Hamas and the Palestinians Rosner's Domain December 29, 2008
The "Other" Palestinian Conflict RJC Bulletin December 15, 2008
How Hamas Governs Gaza December 11, 2008
It's The Civil War, Stupid Doublethink December 10, 2008
The Hamas-Fatah War & Israeli Security MEF Wire December 9, 2008
The Role of Fatah FrontPage Magazine November 27, 2008
The Mullahs' Role in the Hamas-Fatah Conflict FrontPage Magazine November 20, 2008
Schanzer's First-Person Statement on "Hamas vs. Fatah" Middle East Strategy at Harvard November 18, 2008
Rustle Of Politics Detroit Jewish News November 14, 2008
Hamas vs. Fatah FrontPage Magazine November 14, 2008
Schanzer: Civil War Divides Palestine Tufts Daily November 13, 2008
Jonathan Schanzer Discusses "Hamas vs. Fatah" The Jim Bohannon Show November 11, 2008
Jonathan Schanzer Discusses New Book John Rothmann Show: KGO Newstalk 810 AM November 9, 2008
Panel: Jews Must Stand Up For Themselves' Against Hate Cleveland Jewish News October 24, 2008
An Adult Foreign Policy Discussion The Tygrrrr Express October 24, 2008
Makin' a Terrorist List, Checkin' it Twice Doublethink July 24, 2008
Neglectful Behavior Baltimore Jewish Times May 9, 2008
Hamas Uses Words as Weapons Atlanta Jewish Times May 9, 2008
Jewish Conservatives Skewer Peace Talks, Politics Jewish News Weekly December 14, 2007
The Belly of the Beast - Part II December 11, 2007
The Belly of the Beast December 11, 2007
Explaining American Jews' love for Israel and America December 10, 2007
Mideast Skeptic Detroit Jewish News December 10, 2007
Viewpoint: Responding to Schanzer The Lawrentian November 2, 2007
Viking Conservatives Encourage Discussion on Islamofascism The Lawrentian November 2, 2007
Policy Expert Says Students Can Affect Terrorism Funding The Temple News October 9, 2007
Iran Sanctions Expanding United Press International October 2, 2007
Jewish Policy Center Discussion Highlights Radical Islam On Campus September 20, 2007
Despite Freezes, Terror Supporters Raise Funds Easily in U.S. Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle September 14, 2007
A New Anti-Semitism Takes Root on Campus The Jewish Exponent September 13, 2007
Rev. Guards Sanctions Could Have Big Impact August 16, 2007
Analysis: Yemen's Energy Future Unclear United Press International August 3, 2007
The War Is Against Radical Islam, Not 'Terrorism,' Says Policy Expert Cybercast News Service July 31, 2007
Iran's Nuclear Program: Policy Options for the United States JINSA June 26, 2007
Show goes on despite sick lecturer Daily Pennsylvanian April 25, 2007
Homegrown Pundit Appointed to Think Tank Jewish Exponent March 8, 2007
How the US Government Fights Terrorist Funding RJC Bulletin March 1, 2007
In a Time of Dissent, Jewish Conservatives Close Ranks Forward April 30, 2004
The Rights and Lefts of War Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles November 28, 2003
No Majority Without Minorities Wall Street Journal November 15, 2000
Jewish political conservatism -- a tradition or a trend? Jewish Telegraphic Agency June 4, 1999


Book Title Publication Date
Hamas vs. Fatah: The Struggle for Palestine
by Jonathan Schanzer
The Journal of International Security Affairs Autumn 2009
Hamas vs. Fatah: The Struggle for Palestine
by Jonathan Schanzer
Jewish Book World Summer 2009
Hamas vs. Fatah: The Struggle for Palestine
by Jonathan Schanzer
The American Thinker February 15, 2009
Hamas vs. Fatah: The Struggle for Palestine (1 comment)
by Jonathan Schanzer
Baltimore Jewish Times January 23, 2009

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