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Spring 2016

Israel - Beyond the Headlines


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Reports - Palestinian Rocket Report

The Jewish Policy Center is now accepting original submissions for Palestinian Rocket Report.
Please send all submissions to

Title Author Date
Time for the UN to Upgrade to War 2.0  Maoz Brown  April 7, 2010
Palestinian Rockets, International Law, and the Goldstone Report  Johanna Markind  December 23, 2009
Why Hamas Has Been Quiet In 2009  Aaron Mannes and V.S. Subrahmanian  September 15, 2009
Egypt's Role in Gaza Arms Smuggling  Chris Harnisch  August 3, 2009
Mounting Israeli Frustration Over Lack of Missile Defense  Robert Ivker  March 26, 2009
Hamas' Rocket Threat After Operation Cast Lead  Michael Sharnoff  March 16, 2009
Whither Israeli Short Range Missile Defense?  Robert Ivker  November 9, 2008
Palestinian Rockets: A Tool of Mass Mobilization  Luis Fleischman  September 17, 2008
Different Rockets, Same U.N.  Robert Ivker  August 27, 2008
Can Persuasion End Palestinian Rocket Attacks?  Jess Sadick  August 11, 2008
Ceasefire Backfire?  Jonathan Schanzer  June 19, 2008
Rockets Illuminate Three-Way Choice for Embattled States  Michael Medved  June 3, 2008
History PRR May 28, 2008
Qassams PRR May 28, 2008
Jihad Groups PRR May 28, 2008
Rocket Data PRR May 28, 2008
Endangered Cities PRR May 28, 2008
Damage PRR May 28, 2008
Jewish Policy Center Introduces Palestinian Rocket Report Press Release May 27, 2008

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