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Title Author Publication Date
ATF: Lost Guns, Lost Cigarettes, Lost Credibility Shoshana Bryen PJMedia October 3, 2013
Europe's Half Measure on Hezbollah Matthew RJ Brodsky The Times of Israel July 26, 2013
Courts Unravel Sanctions on Iran Shoshana Bryen Gatestone Institute July 22, 2013
Illicit Networks and Global Security Guermantes Lailari inFocus Quarterly Summer 2013
Dateline Defense: The Obama Administration's Red Line with Syria Matthew RJ Brodsky ABC News Channel 8 "Capital Insider" April 29, 2013
Foreign Aid and American Priorities (1 comment) Shoshana Bryen American Thinker February 19, 2012
Jewish Policy Center 9/11 Forum Event Summary September 21, 2011
Transcript - 9/11 A Decade Later: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges September 8, 2011
Syria - World Almanac of Islamism Matthew RJ Brodsky The American Foreign Policy Council's World Almanac of Islamism June 21, 2011
What Really Happened on the Gaza 'Freedom Flotilla' (7 comments) Matthew RJ Brodsky and Samara Greenberg inSIGHT June 2, 2010
A Recession In Terrorism Finance? (3 comments) Rachel Ehrenfeld inFocus Quarterly Summer 2009
Hugo's Hezbollah (6 comments) Alan Levine December 11, 2008
Gleeful in Tehran Jonathan Schanzer Washington Times October 22, 2008
Fighting Jihad on Wall Street Christopher Holton inFocus Quarterly Summer 2008
Selling Terror Jonathan Schanzer Weekly Standard (Online) April 16, 2008
The Wall Street "Sheikh Up" (2 comments) Jonathan Schanzer February 1, 2008
Cultural Weapons That Radicalize Europe's Muslims Olivier Guitta inFocus Quarterly Winter 2007
The Hamas PR Machine in America Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa A. Lappen inFocus Quarterly Fall 2007
Let States Divest From Iran (6 comments) Jonathan Schanzer and Howard Slugh Baltimore Sun July 26, 2007
Sanctioning Iran inFocus Quarterly Summer 2007
Pretoria Unguarded Jonathan Schanzer Weekly Standard May 28, 2007

Blog Posts

Title Author Publication Date
Report Details Human Trafficking in Sinai Michael Johnson inCONTEXT Blog December 6, 2013
HSBC Fined for Business with Iran, Rogue States Michael Johnson inCONTEXT Blog December 12, 2012
Narco-terrorism: The Growing Threat Samara Greenberg inCONTEXT Blog July 27, 2011
Iran's Plans for Afghanistan Samara Greenberg inCONTEXT Blog October 25, 2010
"Peace Activists" Shout Genocidal Slogans, Attack Israelis with Metal Poles and Firebombs Reut Cohen inCONTEXT Blog June 1, 2010
MSA Student at UCSD Voices Support for Genocide Reut Cohen inCONTEXT Blog May 12, 2010
Hezbollah Victims v. Central Bank of Iran (1 comment) Samara Greenberg inCONTEXT Blog February 22, 2010
Trouble in America's Backyard? Samara Greenberg inCONTEXT Blog December 8, 2009
On the Passing of Khalid Bin Mahfouz Jonathan Schanzer inCONTEXT Blog August 19, 2009
Is the Recession Affecting Terror Financing? Howard Gumnitzky inCONTEXT Blog August 3, 2009

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