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Title Author Publication Date
Europe's Half Measure on Hezbollah Matthew RJ Brodsky The Times of Israel July 26, 2013
Courts Unravel Sanctions on Iran Shoshana Bryen Gatestone Institute July 22, 2013
'Aharai!' to Afghanistan: Remembering Orde Wingate Shoshana Bryen The Times of Israel April 24, 2012
Hypocrisy 2.0 (1 comment) Jonathan Schanzer Weekly Standard Online September 24, 2008
The British Leave Basra - and Iraq Simon Henderson inFocus Quarterly Winter 2007
Letter From the Publisher: Islam in Europe Matthew Brooks inFocus Quarterly Winter 2007
Aborted Israel Boycotts in the UK (1 comment) Robert Ivker inFocus Quarterly Winter 2007
Anti-Semitic Jihad (al-Khazen) (1 comment) Jonathan Schanzer September 30, 2007

Blog Posts

Title Author Publication Date
Staking Out Ground on Syria Shoshana Bryen inCONTEXT Blog August 27, 2013
Al-Qaeda Plots Attacks in Yemen Beth Kanopsic inCONTEXT Blog August 8, 2013
Cameron Discusses Peace with Karzai and Zardari Michael Johnson inCONTEXT Blog February 5, 2013
British Schools, Muslim Rules (1 comment) Samara Greenberg inCONTEXT Blog November 22, 2010
Hit the Road, Jack Samara Greenberg inCONTEXT Blog October 29, 2010

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