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inFOCUS Quarterly

Spring 2016

Israel - Beyond the Headlines


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Title Author Publication Date
Oil vs. Africa & the Israeli Solar Imperative Yosef I. Abramowitz inFocus Quarterly Spring 2016
Sino-Gulf Relations: From Energy to Strategic Partners Cui Shoujun inFocus Quarterly Fall 2015
Game-Changer: Oil Trends and Geopolitics David Wurmser inFocus Quarterly Fall 2015
Iran's Quest for World Prominence Shoshana Bryen Secure Freedom Radio May 21, 2015
Powering the Land of Milk & Honey: Israel & Energy (1 comment) Norman A. Bailey inFocus Quarterly March 2015
Energy Security Policy: An Opportunity Awaits Gene Gurevich inFocus Quarterly Winter 2015
Does Saudi Arabia Rule the World? Shoshana Bryen Gatestone Institute December 30, 2014
European Energy Security: An American Responsibility? Gal Luft inFocus Quarterly Fall 2014
Under the Iran Deal (2 comments) Shoshana Bryen Frontpage Magazine November 26, 2013
America's Energy Future: Greater Independence H. Sterling Burnett inFocus Quarterly Fall 2013
Courts Unravel Sanctions on Iran Shoshana Bryen Gatestone Institute July 22, 2013
The Strategic Impact of Israel's Export of Natural Gas David Wurmser inFocus Quarterly Spring 2013
Moving Beyond "Drill, Baby, Drill" (6 comments) David Jenkins inFocus Quarterly Fall 2010
The U.S. Can Be Energy Independent (2 comments) Gal Luft inFocus Quarterly Fall 2010
Greens & Hawks: An Uneasy Alliance Gal Luft inFocus Quarterly Fall 2009
'Oil Itself Is a Problem' (4 comments) inFocus Quarterly Fall 2009
From Iran Aggression to U.S. Recession (2 comments) Park Synagogue; Cleveland, Ohio October 12, 2008
How To Destroy OPEC (4 comments) Robert Zubrin inFocus Quarterly Fall 2008
The Deficit of Oil-Rich Gulf Arab States (1 comment) Jonathan Schanzer inFocus Quarterly Summer 2008
Thinking Outside of the Barrel (2 comments) Anne Korin inFocus Quarterly Summer 2008
The Wall Street "Sheikh Up" (2 comments) Jonathan Schanzer February 1, 2008
Saudi Squander Jonathan Schanzer National Review Online October 3, 2007
Iran's Oil Industry: A House of Cards? (1 comment) Gal Luft inFocus Quarterly Summer 2007

Blog Posts

Title Author Publication Date
Oil Ministers Seek Production Cap, Rebound Michael Johnson inCONTEXT Blog February 18, 2016
Iraqi Kurdistan Pursues Oil Exports to Turkey Hannah Schaeffer inCONTEXT Blog November 14, 2013
Iranian Rhetoric Sparks Tension Erin Dwyer inCONTEXT Blog December 29, 2011
Saudi Prince: US Must Submit to Oil Addiction (1 comment) Jonathan Schanzer inCONTEXT Blog September 7, 2009
OPEC To Cut Production? Jonathan Schanzer inCONTEXT Blog August 18, 2008
Nissan Car Commercial Invokes Saudi Ire Jonathan Schanzer inCONTEXT Blog August 7, 2008
Nozzle Rage! Jonathan Schanzer inCONTEXT Blog July 14, 2008
Oil Futures, Oil's Future Jonathan Schanzer inCONTEXT Blog June 23, 2008

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