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Spring 2014

Borders, Nations and Conflict

New Media

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Writings by Topic: Environment

Title Author Publication Date
Destroying Syrian Chemicals at Sea Shoshana Bryen American Thinker January 14, 2014
JPC Follow-Up Conversation with Marc Goldman on Energy Security (1 comment) inSIGHT April 11, 2012
Q&A with JPC Fellow David Frum on Energy Security (6 comments) inSIGHT April 9, 2012
Measuring Obama's Environmental Record (4 comments) David Jenkins inFocus Quarterly Spring 2010
Conservatism's Green Roots (1 comment) David Jenkins inFocus Quarterly Fall 2009
Carbon Emissions in the Middle East (2 comments) Richard Baehr inFocus Quarterly Fall 2009
The Pitfalls of Global Environmental Regimes Howard Gumnitzky inFocus Quarterly Fall 2009
The Dismal Economics of Climate Regulation Jeff Kueter inFocus Quarterly Fall 2009
Ronald Reagan and the Environment (2 comments) Steven F. Hayward inFocus Quarterly Fall 2009
Greens & Hawks: An Uneasy Alliance Gal Luft inFocus Quarterly Fall 2009
A Climate Bill That Does Nothing for the Climate S. Fred Singer inFocus Quarterly Fall 2009

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