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inFOCUS Quarterly

Winter 2016

Defense Modernization and Challenges Ahead


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Writings by Topic: Economy

Title Author Publication Date
Stimulus or Austerity? The European Debt Crisis Salim Furth inFocus Quarterly Fall 2014
Waking up to Defense Cuts Shoshana Bryen American Thinker February 27, 2014
Israel's Economy Has the Power to Astound Yoram Ettinger inFocus Quarterly Spring 2013
An Energy Policy for Long-Term Economic Growth H. Sterling Burnett inFocus Quarterly Fall 2012
Defense Sequestration Targets Small Business Mackenzie Eaglen inFocus Quarterly Fall 2012
Returning to an Economic Growth Agenda Alex Brill inFocus Quarterly Fall 2012
Don't Write Off America in 2012 Shoshana Bryen Defense News January 16, 2012
Fiscal Policy's Unintended Economic Consequences (1 comment) Lacy Hunt inFocus Quarterly Fall 2010
The Fiscal Irresponsibility of Obamacare Hanns Kuttner inFocus Quarterly Fall 2010
Lessons on Job Creation for the 112th Congress (1 comment) Diana Furchtgott-Roth inFocus Quarterly Fall 2010
The Dismal Economics of Climate Regulation Jeff Kueter inFocus Quarterly Fall 2009

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