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Venezuela’s Hyperinflation, 29 Months and Counting

April 4, 2019

At present, Venezuela is the only country in the world that is suffering from the ravages of hyperinflation. Alas, the word “hyperinflation” is thrown around carelessly and misused frequently in the financial press. Indeed, the debasement of language in the popular press has gone to such lengths that the word “hyperinflation” has almost lost its […]

The Economy of Iran

June 1, 2018

Shoshana Bryen, JPC Senior Director and Editor of inFOCUS Quarterly, hosted noted economist Professor Steve Hanke in a call with JPC members Shoshana Bryen: Welcome to the Jewish Policy Center conference call on the economy of Iran. We, at the JPC, generally think of Iran in its external manifestations – nuclear policy, support for terrorism, […]

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