The Campus Issue (Winter 2008 )

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    Israel Studies Grows on Campus

    Mitchell Bard Winter 2008
    Beginning as early as 1979, Arab governments and individuals understood that one route to influencing American public opinion and policy, particularly with regard to...

    Making the Case for Israel on Campus

    Alan Dershowitz Winter 2008
    iF: Please provide your interpretation of the anti-Israel sentiment on campus today. AD: The anti-Israel sentiment on campus is widely misunderstood and misdiagnosed. The vast...

    The Academy and the Palestinian Refugees

    Asaf Romirowsky Winter 2008
    Of all the thorny issues complicating peace efforts in the Middle East, the Palestinian demand for the "right of return" of refugees from the...

    Challenging the Status Quo in Middle East Studies

    Michael I. Krauss Winter 2008
    In the academic specialty known as Middle Eastern studies exists a bevy of departments and professors competing for the title of most politicized and...

    Academic Freedom and Middle East Studies

    Erin O'Connor and Maurice Black Winter 2008
    It has become fashionable in academic circles to declare that academic freedom is under attack. Ever since September 11, 2001, the argument goes, legislators...

    Campus Conservatives Can Succeed With the Right Strategy

    Patrick Coyle Winter 2008
    "…though liberals do a great deal of talking about hearing other points of view, it sometimes shocks them to learn that there are other...

    Trustees Can Hold Middle East Studies Accountable

    Robert Lewit Winter 2008
    Too often college and university trustees think their role is to raise money—and to leave the health of their institutions up to campus constituencies....

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