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Fall 2014

Europe: Whole and Free?


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Title Author Publication Date
The Conditions of Victory and Peace Shoshana Bryen Gatestone September 9, 2014
North Korea's Hamas Connection: "Below" the Surface? Gabriel Scheinmann and Victor Cha The National Interest September 4, 2014
The Grim Lessons of "Protective Edge" Gabriel Scheinmann and Raphael Cohen The American Interest August 31, 2014
Palestinian Poverty is not a Plague or an Earthquake Shoshana Bryen Gatestone Institute August 11, 2014
Why a Cease Fire Doesn't Help (2 comments) Shoshana Bryen American Thinker July 28, 2014
The Doctrine of Proportionality (2 comments) Shoshana Bryen Gatestone July 20, 2014
How Does Israel End Up the Bad Guy? Shoshana Bryen American Thinker July 10, 2014
The JPC Condemns Rocket Attacks from Gaza July 9, 2014
A Requiem for Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shaar, Naftali Fraenkel, and Mohammed Karaka Shoshana Bryen American Thinker July 2, 2014
Will Israel Save Hamas and Fatah Shoshana Bryen Gatestone Institute April 29, 2014
How the US Went Wrong and Why (1 comment) Shoshana Bryen American Thinker April 14, 2014
EU Report, EU Money Threaten Israel Shoshana Bryen PJMedia March 14, 2014
Seeing What Isn't There Shoshana Bryen American Thinker January 28, 2014
The Way They See It (1 comment) Shoshana Bryen Gatestone Institute January 7, 2014
Hamas and the "Peace Process" Shoshana Bryen Front Page Magazine November 4, 2013
Palestinian Corruption - Again Shoshana Bryen Gatestone Institute October 17, 2013
Key Issues as the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Talks Resume (1 comment) Matthew RJ Brodsky CCTV America July 31, 2013
Middle East Roundup Matthew RJ Brodsky Secure Freedom Radio / The Frank Gaffney Show July 16, 2013
Dateline Defense: Egypt, Israel, and the New "Arab Spring" Matthew RJ Brodsky ABC News Channel 8 "Capital Insider" July 8, 2013
Shut that Window of Opportunity (1 comment) Shoshana Bryen American Thinker April 22, 2013
Burning Down the Palestinian House Shoshana Bryen Gatestone Institute April 5, 2013
The Israel Test and the America Test Shoshana Bryen American Thinker (Blog) March 21, 2013
Converging Toward Hamas Shoshana Bryen Gatestone Institute December 21, 2012
U.S. Stumbles on Palestinian Statehood Vote Shoshana Bryen and Stephen Bryen PJ Media December 13, 2012
Why Treat Sudan Like a Normal Country? Shoshana Bryen American Thinker December 4, 2012
Because They Could (1 comment) Shoshana Bryen Gatestone Institute November 30, 2012
How Durable is the Hamas-Israel Ceasefire? Matthew RJ Brodsky CCTV News November 23, 2012
Will the young eat the revolution? Shoshana Bryen The Times of Israel May 11, 2012
The Hamas Factor Samara Greenberg American Thinker October 19, 2011
Syria - World Almanac of Islamism Matthew RJ Brodsky The American Foreign Policy Council's World Almanac of Islamism June 21, 2011
Mahmoud Abbas and the Persistence of Palestinian Mythology Matthew RJ Brodsky The Guardian May 19, 2011
What Really Happened on the Gaza 'Freedom Flotilla' (7 comments) Matthew RJ Brodsky and Samara Greenberg inSIGHT June 2, 2010

Blog Posts

Title Author Publication Date
Abbas Questions Hamas's Unity Deal Michael Johnson inCONTEXT Blog September 9, 2014
Sinai Militants Kill Four Israeli "Spies" Michael Johnson inCONTEXT Blog August 28, 2014
Hamas Fires at Israel, Jerusalem Responds Michael Johnson inCONTEXT Blog August 20, 2014
Arab Leaders Show Contempt for Hamas Militancy Yael Rein inCONTEXT Blog August 4, 2014
Wave of Violence Hits Sinai Yael Rein inCONTEXT Blog July 28, 2014
Hamas Vows Revenge Following IDF Strike Yael Rein inCONTEXT Blog July 7, 2014
Israel Mourns for Murdered Teens Yael Rein inCONTEXT Blog July 1, 2014
Hamas and Fatah Attempt Another Reconciliation Alex Finkelstein inCONTEXT Blog April 24, 2014
Netanyahu Excoriates International Community Alex Finkelstein inCONTEXT Blog March 12, 2014
Israeli Killed in Skirmish Near Lebanon Michael Johnson inCONTEXT Blog December 18, 2013
Egypt Reopens Rafah Crossing Hannah Schaeffer inCONTEXT Blog September 18, 2013
Sinai Peninsula Plagued by Militant Attacks Beth Kanopsic and Skyler Schmanski inCONTEXT Blog July 30, 2013
New Palestinian-Israeli Talks to Begin Next Week Beth Kanopsic and Skyler Schmanski inCONTEXT Blog July 25, 2013
Israel Responds to Gaza Rocket Fire Michael Johnson inCONTEXT Blog June 25, 2013
Qatari Aid to Darfur Underscores Emirate's Regional Role Michael Johnson inCONTEXT Blog April 9, 2013
Clashes Resume Between Israel and Gaza Militants Amy Farina inCONTEXT Blog April 4, 2013
Turkey and Israel Creep Towards Reconciliation Michael Johnson inCONTEXT Blog March 28, 2013
Israel-Hamas Reach Truce, But Will it Last? Adam Lucente inCONTEXT Blog November 28, 2012
Israel, Gaza See Worst Fighting in Years Michael Johnson inCONTEXT Blog November 20, 2012
The Meaning of the Emir's Gaza Visit Michael Johnson inCONTEXT Blog November 1, 2012
Hamas in Egypt: The Start of Warmer Relations? Joshua Ely inCONTEXT Blog September 20, 2012
Surprised? Hamas Family Member Treated in Israel Samara Greenberg inCONTEXT Blog August 22, 2012
Escalation in Israel's South Zachary Fisher inCONTEXT Blog June 21, 2012
Israel and Gaza in the New Middle East (1 comment) Samara Greenberg inCONTEXT Blog March 15, 2012
Egyptian Lawmakers Clarify: 'Will Never be a Friend' of Israel Erin Dwyer inCONTEXT Blog March 13, 2012
Hamas Keeps Gaza in the Dark Erin Dwyer inCONTEXT Blog February 22, 2012
From Flotilla to Airtilla Lauren Stone inCONTEXT Blog July 6, 2011
Gaza Flotilla, Take 2 (2 comments) Samara Greenberg inCONTEXT Blog June 28, 2011
Egypt Opens Border with Gaza Samara Greenberg inCONTEXT Blog May 31, 2011
Mavi Marmara to Sail Again Samara Greenberg inCONTEXT Blog April 8, 2011
A Lifeline to Gaza? Samara Greenberg inCONTEXT Blog October 21, 2010
Breaching the Gaza Barrier Richard Smith inCONTEXT Blog July 22, 2010
Qadhafi's Gamble, Israel's Introspection Richard Smith inCONTEXT Blog July 13, 2010
Reuters Plays a Role in Anti-Israel Propaganda Samara Greenberg inCONTEXT Blog June 8, 2010
The Flotilla Succeeded, But at a Cost (2 comments) Alan L. Edelstein inCONTEXT Blog June 4, 2010

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