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Gaza Rebellion as the Arab Spring

Shoshana Bryen
For the past year, Hamas has led Palestinians to demonstrate and riot on Fridays along the Gaza-Israel fence. The civilians, of which...

Dividing up the Syrian Corpse

Shoshana Bryen
It is amazing how little Bashar Assad and the Syrian government have to do with the disposition of Syrian assets and territory as the murderous rampage of the...

Trump’s State Department Drops “Occupied Territory”

Shoshana Bryen
There is a difference between an “honest broker” and a “neutral arbiter.” In advance of the rollout of its Middle East peace plan, the...

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Sunni Insurgents Target IRGC

Michael Johnson
A suicide bomber killed 27 members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on Wednesday, the latest in a series of attacks against the...


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