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The Shiite Crescent and Regional Disaster

Shoshana Bryen
For decades, the concept of a “Shiite Crescent” anchored by the radical Shiite supremacists in Iran and passing through Iraq, Syria, and Hezb'allah to...

At The Risk Of Further Upsetting Ms. Tlaib

Shoshana Bryen
Rashida Tlaib was in tears over the conditions in which her grandmother lives in the West Bank, and furious that her mother, an American...

The UN General Assembly as an Obstacle to Peace

Ambassador Richard Schifter
At the Bahrain Conference of last June, the United States recommended approval of a program that would invest $ 50 billion in the improvement...


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Bombing Hits Police Checkpoint in Gaza

Michael Johnson
The Hamas-run government in Gaza arrested ten individuals for involvement in Tuesday’s attacks on two police checkpoints. Senior Hamas official Moussa Mohammed Abu Marzouk...