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Is 100% wind-based electricity even possible?

Paul Driessen
A Maryland Jewish congregation recently prepared a guide to help members switch to 100% wind-generated electricity. The DC city council has taken a “preliminary...

Orbán at the White House

Shoshana Bryen
Despite the fact that the Trump administration has spent two years communicating its concerns with Hungary regarding academic freedom, anti-Semitism, and other illiberal positions...

Run, Hide, or Fight: A Poor Strategy for an Active Shooter

Stephen Bryen
The FBI model, endorsed by many security professionals in the United States and abroad proposes that in the case of an Active Shooter those...

inCONTEXT: Our Take on the News

Iran Executes Two Teenagers: Report

Michael Johnson
Amnesty International accused the Iranian government of executing two minors in late April, denying the teens due process and violating international law. The report...


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