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ShoshanaShoshana Bryen is Senior Director of The Jewish Policy Center and Editor of inFOCUS Quarterly. A leading specialist in U.S. defense policy and Middle East affairs, she is the former Executive Director and Senior Director for Security Policy at JINSA. She has worked with the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College and the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, and lectured at the National Defense University in Washington.

Mrs. Bryen coordinated programs in the Middle East for military professionals that allowed more than 450 American military officers to engage in professional discussions of issues that both unite and divide the United States, Israel, and Jordan. She also created a program to take the cadets and midshipmen of America’s service academies to Israel for a three-week work/study program that has permitted hundreds of future officers to have a positive, in-depth experience in Israel. She has taken Turkish and Israeli military officers to speak at the service academies and has lectured in the academies as well.

She runs a weekly webinar series for the Jewish Policy Center and her work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, The Daily Caller, the New York Sun and Defense News, among other outlets.

Mrs. Bryen is a Member of the Advisory Board of the Aleethia Foundation that provides opportunities for wounded veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and is a Member of the Board of the American Jewish International Relations Committee.

Email: sbryen@jewishpolicycenter.org
Phone: (202) 638-2411
Twitter: @ShoshanaBryen

Articles By Shoshana Bryen

The Insane Things at 2023’s UN General Assembly

September 26, 2023

If you didn’t make it to the UN General Assembly (GA), here, in short, is what you missed. A series of exhausting, irritating, aggravating, infuriating, exasperating and pestilential speeches. (A thesaurus helps here.) Ebrahim Raisi, the Butcher of Tehran and soon-to-be Chair of the UN Human Rights Council, sanctioned by the UN itself and dozens […]

The World Doesn’t Need Joe Biden To Solve Its Problems

September 11, 2023

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had a suggestion for advancing President Joe Biden’s awkward three-way deal between the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. “Significant concessions,” he said, from Israel to Palestinian Authority (PA) strongman Mahmoud Abbas. Blinken, according to news source Axios, said Saudi Arabia would need to show the Arab/Muslim world that it […]

Niger and El Salvador: More in Common Than One Might Think

August 28, 2023

What is the point of a national government? Can a government serve its people if it is not democratically elected? The answer to the second depends on the answer to the first. Consider El Salvador. The president, Nayib Bukele, was democratically elected in 2019 and proceeded with wide-ranging arrests of criminals and gang members with nary a thought […]