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How to Deal With Iran’s Proxies

July 12, 2024

Despite the salience of the war in Ukraine and Israel’s war against Hamas and potentially Hezbollah; Iran’s other proxy, the Houthi, continue to threaten international shipping as well as regional security, including Israel.  Thus, it continues to launch missiles at Eilat.  Western, especially US efforts to suppress these attacks, though substantial, have proven unavailing, not […]

Anti-Semitism: The Highest Stage of Progressivism

May 14, 2024

Much of what passes for contemporary liberalism was born in the college demonstrations of the 1960s.  Ironically, if perhaps fittingly, that liberalism is now dying in the nation-wide college protests against Israel.  There are at least four causes for this current explosion of these organized protests.  One that it is now the end of the […]

Why Israel is Unable to Explain the Gaza War: A Second Opinion

January 10, 2024

Ksenia Svetlova laid out, in exquisite detail in this journal, the challenges Israel faces and many of its failures in the realm of information warfare. Unfortunately, the situation is worse than she portrays. In my view, many shortcomings are not just failures of policy execution or of imagination, as Svetlova describes, but rather the deliberate disregard […]