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The True Status of the Territories

Shoshana Bryen
U.S. policy toward the Middle East swings substantially depending upon the occupant of the Oval Office, but some hoary myths persist year after year....

Making Real Arab-Israeli Peace at the Bahrain Conference

Shoshana Bryen
The return of Israel to election mode is no reason to change the Trump administration's plans for the U.S.-led economic conference set for Bahrain in late...

One Man vs. the Tanks

Jeff Jacoby
Thirty years ago, on June 4, 1989, the Communist dictators of China slaughtered thousands of unarmed protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Like the assassination...

Venezuela’s Slide from Democracy

Michael Johnson
The slow degradation of democracy in Venezuela has culminated in a political crisis unparalleled in the Western Hemisphere in the 21st century. The regime...

Is 100% wind-based electricity even possible?

Paul Driessen
A Maryland Jewish congregation recently prepared a guide to help members switch to 100% wind-generated electricity. The DC city council has taken a “preliminary...

Orbán at the White House

Shoshana Bryen
Despite the fact that the Trump administration has spent two years communicating its concerns with Hungary regarding academic freedom, anti-Semitism, and other illiberal positions...

Run, Hide, or Fight: A Poor Strategy for an Active Shooter

Stephen Bryen
The FBI model, endorsed by many security professionals in the United States and abroad proposes that in the case of an Active Shooter those...

How Israel Can Return Security to its South

Jeremiah Rozman
“The job of a soldier is to be killed before a citizen is killed.” This is a rough translation of the sentence spoken by...

The Iranian Mullahs are Nervous

Shoshana Bryen
Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s appearance over the weekend on CBS’ Face the Nation showed him trying to convince someone — his minders at home, perhaps...

The Reality of the ‘Two-State Solution’

Shoshana Bryen
Last week, Jared Kushner, one of the administration’s point men on the Middle East, dispensed with the term “two-state solution” in its impending peace...

America Needs New Export Controls

Shoshana Bryen and Stephen Bryen
During the Cold War, the Soviet Union seriously outspent the United States on military equipment. The U.S. and its NATO allies worried that the...

To the Moon

Shoshana Bryen
The Jewish Policy Center is awed by the technological capability and faith in its scientists Israel has shown in sending the Beresheet...

Gaza Rebellion as the Arab Spring

Shoshana Bryen
For the past year, Hamas has led Palestinians to demonstrate and riot on Fridays along the Gaza-Israel fence. The civilians, of which...

Dividing up the Syrian Corpse

Shoshana Bryen
It is amazing how little Bashar Assad and the Syrian government have to do with the disposition of Syrian assets and territory as the murderous rampage of the...

Trump’s State Department Drops “Occupied Territory”

Shoshana Bryen
There is a difference between an “honest broker” and a “neutral arbiter.” In advance of the rollout of its Middle East peace plan, the...

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