Featured Interviews

“United; Focused on Victory”

Brig. Gen. Amir Avivi IDF (ret.)
Spring 2024

Focus on China

Elbridge Colby
Summer 2023

“The Public Still has a Big Center”

Senator Norm Coleman
Winter 2023

Hamas: Ironic and Perverse

Douglas Feith
Summer 2021

Equity, Equality, and MLK

Prof. Glenn Loury
Spring 2021

“The Hemisphere of Freedom”

Ambassador Michael G. Kozak
Winter 2021

“A Partnership to Nurture”

Brigadier General Assaf Orion, IDF (Res.)
Summer 2020

Polling, Politics, and Elections

Prof. Stephen Farnsworth
Winter 2020

“It’s Not About You”

Representative Jack Bergman
Fall 2019

Israel at the UN: Marking Progress

Ambassador Danny Danon
Summer 2019

It Started with the “Peace Dividend”

Representative Don Bacon
Winter 2019

“We’re Better than We Were”

Representative Martha McSally
Fall 2018

Around the World in 40 Minutes

Representative Doug Lamborn
Winter 2018

Russia: Enemy or Competitor

Brig. Gen. Kevin Ryan, USA (Ret.)
Fall 2017

“I Am Very Optimistic”

Senator Rob Portman
Summer 2017

“Without War We Would Not Have Peace”

Deputy Minister Michael Oren
Spring 2017

Governing Red in a Blue State

Governor Larry Hogan
Summer 2016

“Global Commons”

Jon Huntsman
Summer 2015

The Next Two Years

Dr. Tevi Troy
Winter 2015

Planning Backwards and Forward

Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
Summer 2013

The Enduring Israeli-U.S. Partnership

Ambassador Michael Oren
Spring 2013

U.S. at a Crossroads

Senator Joseph Lieberman
Fall 2012

Today’s Energy Security

Marc Goldman
April 11, 2012

Roundtable with JPC Fellows

Michael Medved and Richard Baehr

The View from Israel

Yoram Hessel
Winter 2011

A Rapidly Changing World

Douglas Feith
Winter 2010

The Challenges Ahead

Representative Mike Pence
Fall 2010

Middle East Scorecard

Lee Smith
Spring 2010

The Rise of Nuclear Iran

Ambassador Dore Gold
Winter 2009

Syria Then and Now

Newt Gingrich
Spring 2009

Transatlantic Gains and Strains

Ambassador John Bolton
Winter 2007

Congressional Roundtable: Sen. Jon Kyl and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Senator Jon Kyl and Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Fall 2007

Congressional Roundtable on Iran

Senator Norm Coleman and Representative Mark Kirk
Summer 2007

Sanctioning Iran

Stuart Levey
Summer 2007