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Many Questions About Arrow Missile Shootdown (Updated)

Stephen Bryen
Israel has shot down a Syrian missile heading for Israeli territory using its advanced Arrow anti-ballistic missile system.  The remains of the Syrian missile, and some...

Avoiding Hezbollah Trap in Any Third Lebanese War

Eric Rozenman
If war erupts again between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon, what pitfall should Israelis and the West avoid? A “naïve” view that the roles...

‘Fake News’ is One Thing, Counter-Factual News Quite Another

Eric Rozenman
  Accusations of fake news keep making headlines, as they have since last fall’s elections. Less attention has been given a parallel problem that too...

Moscow Apologizes for Bombing Turkish Soldiers

Michael Johnson
Russian warplanes bombed a Turkish army unit operating in Syria on Thursday morning, killing three Turkish soldiers. Eleven others were injured, according to a...

Syrian Democratic Council Envisions Federal, Non-Sectarian State; Wary of Turkey and Iran

Eric Rozenman
The Syria that emerges after civil war should be a federal state not based on ethnic or religious differences. So said Ilham Ehmed, co-president...

Greek Court Ruling Protects Turkish Soldiers

Michael Johnson
Greece’s highest court ruled Thursday that Athens would not extradite a group of Turkish soldiers who fled to the European nation in the wake...

Venezuela’s Vice President Tied to Iran and Hezbollah

Eric Rozenman
Venezuela’s newly-appointed vice president “has been accused of anti-Semitism and ties to Iran and the terrorist group Hezbollah,” according to a report by the...

Not Quite Apples-to-Oranges—U.S. Military Sales to Israel and Saudi Arabia

Eric Rozenman
“Unprecedented.” That was the news media’s reflexive adjective of choice to describe the September memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the United States and Israel....

Israel Looks to Assist Syrian Refugees

Michael Johnson
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Tuesday that Jerusalem was exploring ways to bring Syrian civilians to the Jewish State for medical treatment. "We're...

U.N. Apologizes for Haitian Cholera Epidemic—Too Little, Too Late

Eric Rozenman
There was hard news in The Washington Post’s Dec. 13, 2016 editorial headlined “The U.N. comes clean(ish); The secretary general finally takes some responsibility for the cholera outbreak...

Kosovo Busts Plot to Attack Israeli Soccer Team

Michael Johnson
Police in Kosovo announced this week they arrested 19 suspected terrorists for planning an attack on the Israeli national soccer team at World Cup...
Iraqi forces mosul

Baghdadi Says No Retreat for Mosul Fighters

Michael Johnson
An audio recording of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi released Thursday urges terrorists with the group to fight to the death in Mosul....

Iran Sentences Two Americans for “Spying”

Michael Johnson
An Iranian court sentenced an Iranian-American businessman to 10 years in prison earlier this week, according to local Persian language media. Officials in Tehran...

Israeli Forces Strike Syrian Army Site

Michael Johnson
The Israeli military attacked Syrian army artillery positions in the Golan Heights on Tuesday after three mortars were launched from Quneitra across the border...

Turkey Takes On IS and YPG in Syria

Michael Johnson
Turkey launched a predawn offensive into Syrian territory on Wednesday, sending tanks and special forces to confront Islamic State militants. The operation is the...

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