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Muslim vs. Muslim

Jonathan Schanzer

Attacks took place throughout the Muslim world this weekend. This time, however, all of the attacks were carried out by Muslims against Muslims:

Fatah members allegedly attacked Hamas members, killing 6, sparking mass arrests of Fatah members in Hamas-controlled Gaza.

Some 15 people were killed and 150+ injured when two bombs exploded on a busy shopping street in Turkey. Islamists are suspected.

Indian authorities arrested 30 in connection with bomb explosions in Ahmedabab that killed at least 45 people.

A female suicide bomber killed at least 8 in the Iraqi city of Baquba, leaving two dozen other people wounded.

As many analysts have noted, the battle against radical Islam is playing out less as a clash of civilizations, and more of a clash within Islam. We can only do our best to support the moderates in this battle.