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The Lebensraum Factor in Xi Jinping’s Strategy for Hong Kong and Taiwan

March 15, 2021

The title of this article evokes memories of the beginning of World War II and reveals one method dictators use to increase their power.  In China’s case, Xi Jinping’s Anschluss of Hong Kong in June 2020 fits nicely with the way Hitler began his initial European expansion strategy, called Lebensraum (living space).  In Zweites Buch, […]

Illicit Networks and Global Security

May 31, 2013

Society is becoming more acutely aware of the pernicious effects of illicit activity—from drug trade often conducted in broad daylight on street corners across major global cities to the more hidden world of human trafficking—and faces serious choices about how to deal with the problem. Recently, the National Defense University Press published Convergence: Illicit Networks […]

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