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Iran Issues Warning To West

Michael Sharnoff

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said yesterday, “Some leaders of Western countries…openly intervened in Iran’s internal affairs,” warning “these governments must be careful.” Khamenei is responding to widespread Western outrage over Tehran’s brutal crackdown after last month’s contested election.

The West, however, has mostly limited its actions to moral support for the protestors. President Obama called Tehran’s crackdown on the protestors “outrageous” and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “Germany is on the side of the Iranian people.”

Ironically, Iran habitually meddles in other nation’s affairs. As Jonathan Schanzer and Howard Gumnitzky note in a new Weekly Standard article, Tehran has a long record of exporting terror and destabilizing other nations in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Palestinian territories. Read the article here.