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Russia’s Naval Targets and Current Capabilities

October 10, 2019

Russia’s armed forces have the ability to operate almost as an amorphous mass. Formations involving hundreds of thousands of troops can be mobilized, transferred or deployed; tens of thousands of items of equipment and numerous warplanes can move in a matter of days, from one end of the Eurasian continent to the other. The West […]

Fear or Anticipation: Russia’s Mammoth Zapad 2017 Exercise

September 5, 2017

Moscow’s strategic level “Zapad-2017” exercise, being held in the Baltic region on September 14-20, has been occupying the attention of western governments and Russia watchers since the beginning of the year. The concerns surround not only the yet-to-be-determined numbers of troops involved, but also the crucial area in which the maneuvers take place. Some analysts […]

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