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Video: As the War Continues with David M. Weinberg

October 16, 2023

The overwhelming flood of information emanating from Israel and world media continues unabated. Some of it is really good and some is simply a reflection of warped/political/ignorant thinking. We’re sticking to the former. So join our valued friend and guest, David M. Weinberg for a discussion of what is happening on the ground in Israel and how […]


October 13, 2023

Join US for a Webinar with David Weinberg this coming week: details to follow. Israeli defense and diplomatic policies will never be the same. The jihadist invasion of Israel has shattered as many illusions as lives. The Simchat Torah Hamas massacres have wiped-out layers upon layers of conventional wisdom. They have smashed to smithereens decades […]

Video: The IDF, Judicial Reform, and the Media with David M. Weinberg

August 3, 2023

Israeli and international news media have treated declarations by Israel Defense Forces reservists that they would not report for duty if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government continues its judicial reform efforts as “a refusal to serve festival.” But the bigger, unreported story is the larger number of IDF personnel pledging they will serve and condemning […]