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Prepare for War, the Right Way

November 1, 2019

At two “unscheduled” meetings this month, the security cabinet reportedly is discussing Prime Minister Netanyahu’s proposal for a NIS 1 billion ($290 million) project to boost Israel’s air defenses, specifically against Iranian cruise missiles and drones. Israel’s various anti-missile defense systems, from Iron Dome to David’s Sling to Arrow 3, are designed mainly to intercept […]

Israel is Worthy and Winning

April 11, 2018

There are competing narratives about Israel: that it is flying-high, or that it is heading towards disaster. Wise and important actors around the world are coming to the conclusion that the first assertion is true. Israel is an anchor of sanity and a source of ingenuity in an unruly world. Israel’s strategy of vigilance, patience, […]

Indigenous in Jerusalem

March 31, 2016

The discovery of Hezekiah’s royal seal impression in the Ophel excavations “vividly brings to life the Biblical narratives about King Hezekiah, and the activity conducted during his lifetime in Jerusalem’s Royal Quarter,” says the Hebrew University. It’s much more than that! The unearthing and deciphering of the 2,700-year-old bulla in excavations by the Temple Mount […]

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