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Iran Infiltrates Afghan Media

May 29, 2012

The Iranian regime’s determination to undermine Western influence in its region of the world never ceases to amaze. Iran is reportedly investing $100 million annually towards Afghanistan’s media sector, civil society, and religious schools in an effort to use ‘soft power’ to tap into shared cultural, language, and historical links with the Afghan people to […]

Iranian Nuke Talks to Reconvene for Round 3

May 24, 2012

Renewed negotiations between the six world powers and Iran commenced in Baghdad this Wednesday to address international concerns regarding the Islamic Republic’s controversial nuclear program. Commonly referred to as the P5+1, the five permanent UN Security Council members and Germany used the meeting to emphasize its pressing demand that Tehran cease enriching uranium to a […]

Iran Threatens to Sue Google

May 18, 2012

Iran has threatened to take legal action against Google for its decision to leave the body of water separating Iran from the Arab Peninsula nameless on its online Google Maps service. Aggravations sparked two weeks ago when Iran’s deputy minister for Islamic guidance accused the search engine of stripping the Persian Gulf title from the […]