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Video: Misunderstanding Iran – Featuring Harold Rhode

April 17, 2024

Americans often say, “Let bygones be bygones,” “That’s history,” means something is no longer of importance. But the American view of compromise and conciliation is not universal, and may be preventing the US from taking necessary steps to secure American and allied interests in the Middle East. Join us for a conversation about how allies […]

Misunderstanding Iran

April 2, 2024

Periodically, the United States or Israel makes a concession to an adversary, planning – or hoping – for reciprocity. The underlying assumption is that, as the stronger party, they can afford to be generous and even, on occasion, to miscalculate. This is a fundamental misreading, not of the strength of the American or Israeli position, […]

Erdoğan Stays the Course After the Earthquakes

April 4, 2023

Some years ago, there was a heated discussion between a Turkish diplomat who spoke excellent English and a State Department Foreign Service Official (FSO). The Turkish diplomat was denouncing human rights in America. The FSO responded: “What have we done wrong? What can we do to put it right?” He misunderstood his interlocutor. In the […]