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Iran’s Strategic Mistake: Too Many Enemies

February 19, 2020

Sometimes, political demise is caused by having too many enemies. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hitler was delighted. He reasoned that Japan, as an ally, was going to attack the Soviet Union from the east, depriving the Soviets of the divisions from the east necessary to defend Moscow from the Wermacht. He was dead wrong. […]

Israel’s Security: Hardly Rosy, but Never Better

July 16, 2019

To size up the technical aspects of writing my inFOCUS article, I looked at Marian Tupy’s “Things Are Getting Better – So Why Are We So Gloomy?” [Spring 2019] I quickly realized that the substance of his excellent article set the basis for an article on Israel’s security, even though Israel is never mentioned by […]

U.S.-Israel Security Cooperation: The Unpublicized Mutual Benefits

June 12, 2019

Three canards often invoked to criticize or even oppose close U.S.-Israel security cooperation are: Good relations with Israel preclude such ties with Arab countries; America bears the burden of defending the Jewish state; and Israel uses U.S aid to oppress the Palestinian Arabs. Not only are none of the above beliefs true, in each case […]

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