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The Demolitionists: Explaining the Leftist-Islamist Alliance

June 3, 2024

Arab/Islamist religious and ethno-nationalists—textbook far-right ideologies—and the Western far-left band together to oppose Israel despite having diametrically opposed values on nearly all other issues. The U.S. campus protests highlight this odd alliance. Some of the protestors are hardcore Islamists while many support a litany of leftist causes including socialism/communism, environmental, racial, and LGBT issues. Groups […]

Winning the New Cold War

October 2, 2020

China’s rise is the greatest threat to U.S. security, interests, and values since the Cold War. Its aggressions include breaching international law to tighten control over Hong Kong, disputes with Japan, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and other countries, and terraforming and militarization in disputed waters in the South China Sea.  China’s leadership sees […]

Narcotics Trafficking: A National Security Issue

January 6, 2020

Anything that threatens the safety of US citizens can be considered a national security issue – from obesity and epidemics to military threats from foreign adversaries and terrorism. Narcotics trafficking is the greatest foreign threat to US national security, killing more Americans than all forms of terrorism and foreign aggression combined – and it’s not […]

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