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Not An Ordinary Country

October 3, 2022

John Locke said it well: “in the beginning, all the world was America.” Since its inception, America has been different and special. Never ordinary. No class systems or caste systems. No monarchs, royals, lords, and ladies and addressing a mortal human being as “your majesty.” Indeed, George Washington eschewed the title of “His Highness, the […]

Video: State of the World 2022

May 19, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic, followed by Russia’s war against Ukraine, have delivered a one-two punch to post-World War II institutions meant to defuse or at least minimize international turmoil. Some, like those affiliated with the United Nations, often have proven to be ineffective but others, such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, are showing encouraging resilience. […]

How Israel is Seen In the Mind of America

April 8, 2022

Israel is not on America’s mind. Americans are preoccupied with coming out of the COVID pandemic, jobs, the economy, etc. As for foreign policy, Americans have become more isolationist – this was the case with Afghanistan with the hasty U.S. pullout, and now, with Ukraine, while sympathizing with the Ukrainian struggle against Russian aggression, many […]