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Is 100% wind-based electricity even possible?

May 21, 2019

A Maryland Jewish congregation recently prepared a guide to help members switch to 100% wind-generated electricity. The DC city council has taken a “preliminary vote” to require that 100% of Washington’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2032. Starbucks Illinois says its 340 stores will run entirely on wind energy by 2020. Other companies and […]

Inconvenient Truths about Climate Change

December 5, 2018

Thousands of politicians, bureaucrats and activists joined a few dozen actual scientists in Katowice, Poland for a two-week climate extravaganza the first part of December. On the agenda were, among other topics, “Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action,” “Gender Day,” “Young and Future Generations Day” and sessions for “review of the work of the improved […]

The Miracle of Prosperity – and Trap of Poverty

October 9, 2018

For countless thousands of years, mankind endured life on the edge, in hunter-gatherer, subsistence farmer, and primitive urban industrial societies powered by wood, charcoal, animal dung, water wheels, and windmills. Despite backbreaking dawn-to-dusk labor, wretched poverty was the norm; starvation was just a drought, war or long winter away; rampant disease and infection were addressed […]