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Webinar: U.S.-Saudi Relations in the Biden Era

Jonathan Schanzer Thursday, March 11 at 12PM Eastern
Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States have been an anchor of U.S. - and now Israeli - policy in the Persian Gulf, in part...

Video: Don’t Give Domestic Extremists the ‘Post-9/11 Treatment’

Max Abrahms
The January 6 attack on the Capitol spawned calls to give domestic extremists the "post-9/11" treatment, creating a domestic "War on Terror" to mimic...

This Hand and That Hand: The Biden Administration on Iran

Shoshana Bryen
The media is full of news about American airstrikes on Iranian-supported militias in Syria. Yes—it is a big deal and an appropriate measure—but if...

Faulty U.S Intel Report on Khashoggi to Woo Iran

Shoshana Bryen and Stephen Bryen
Saudi Arabia is an authoritarian place where religious leaders have tremendous power and the royal family has more. Its standards for justice are not...

Video: The War Between the Wars – The Threat on Israel’s Northern Border

Yossi Kuperwasser
While Lebanon faces enormous economic and political challenges, and Syria remains mired in the aftermath of its civil war, Iran continues to support its...