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Webinar: Ukraine – What is Putin Thinking?

Stephen Blank Thursday, January 27 at 12PM Eastern
The U.S. and Russia have made no breakthrough at talks on Ukraine. The Kremlin continues to escalate its rhetoric - perhaps to justify an...

The Demise of the EastMed Pipeline

Shoshana Bryen
An important pipeline project in the Mediterranean has been caught in a web of conflicting security and energy policy across Europe and beyond. To...

Houthis Show Reach with UAE Attack

Michael Johnson
Yemen’s Houthi rebels launched a series of attacks against the United Arab Emirates capital of Abu Dhabi Monday, escalating tensions between the Iranian-backed group...

Video: The New Worst Deal in History

Richard Goldberg
If the idea of a new Iran Deal scares you, it should. The Biden administration has been working to entice the Iranian regime into a...

‘If/Then’ is no Policy for Dealing with Russia

Shoshana Bryen
Russia has embarked upon a series of threatening activities ostensibly directed at Ukraine, but that in fact could culminate in enormous and disastrous military...