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Video: Can There be Justice for Navid Afkari?

Benjamin Weinthal September 14, 2021
September 12th marked the anniversary of the Iranian regime’s execution of champion wrestler Navid Afkari. Using false evidence and torture, they convicted him of...

Three Takeaways from Afghanistan for Us at Home

Shoshana Bryen
First, remember our troops, living and dead, who served the United States in Afghanistan since 2001.  They are owed our gratitude for their steadfast presence...

How U.S. Foreign Policy Can Move Forward After Afghanistan

Shoshana Bryen
In the face of the ongoing debacle in Kabul and in Afghan provinces, Americans' first priority should be to pray for our soldiers and...

Video: What’s Next for Afghanistan?

Thomas Joscelyn August 23, 2021
Please take a look at the Jewish Policy Center's webinar, from Monday, August 3, on the Fall of Kabul. It is well worth your time. Thomas...

A Nation’s Mettle

Debra L. Cagan
They say a nation’s mettle is not just proven by sending its people to war, but what that nation does with its people and...