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Letter from the Publisher: The Challenge of Iran

Matthew Brooks Summer 2007

Welcome to the first edition of inFocus, the Jewish Policy Center’s quarterly publication. Each issue of inFocus features eight or more thought-provoking articles that provide unique and valuable insight into one critical policy topic. We approach the topic from numerous angles so readers feel prepared to engage in the vital public debates that ultimately shape American policy.

This quarter, we address the threat to world security posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Treasury’s Undersecretary Stuart Levey, the top counterterrorism finance official in the country, gives a candid interview about his efforts to stymie Iranian terrorism and proliferation through financial sanctions. In a lively round-table discussion, Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) and Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL) also weigh in on the congressional efforts to keep the Islamic Republic in check.

An impressive lineup of writers tackles several other key aspects of the Iran challenge. This includes Ahmadinejad‘s tenacious efforts to build a nuclear bomb and destroy Israel, as well as his activities in South America. We also look at Iran’s oil vulnerabilities, America’s lack of deterrence, and even what preventive military action might look like.

While our articles are penned by top analysts in the field, inFocus endeavors to provide brief, easy-to-read essays that appeal to specialists and non-specialists alike. We encourage readers to send us questions and comments in response to inFocus articles. We will then ask our authors for a rejoinder, and occasionally publish these exchanges.

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Matthew Brooks
Executive Director