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A New Way to Defend Taiwan

October 4, 2021

Would the United States win the battle to save Taiwan from China? Not according to a series of Pentagon simulations and war games. In an effort to figure out what would happen should U.S. forces come to the defense of Taiwan, the Pentagon has determined that the U.S. might be defeated and certainly would suffer heavy losses of […]

The Quad Summit: An Opportunity Wasted

September 27, 2021

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, commonly known as the Quad, brings together the United States, India, Japan, and Australia to deal with issues in the Indo-Pacific region. The previous meeting was done by Zoom conference, but this time, they came to town to meet with President Joe Biden in Washington. The meeting was a disappointment because […]

Examining America’s Culpability for COVID

June 8, 2021

Early in the pandemic, Chinese authorities blamed COVID-19 on a pangolin in a Wuhan wet market, claiming the virus was transmitted from bats to an intermediate host animal to humans. They have yet to produce a pangolin infected with the virus. Lying to the world is nothing new for the communist government. But Western governments, journalists […]

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