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Biden’s Dangerous Pledge on Ukraine

January 4, 2022

President Joe Biden, the weakest president in modern American history, having presided over the treacherous and bloody collapse of Afghanistan, has now made an open-ended pledge to Ukraine’s leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, that the United States would “respond decisively” should Moscow invade Ukraine. Biden’s pledge appears to have been made without coordination with America’s NATO allies, and NATO itself has not […]

An Asia Command Structure to Meet the Challenge

Even under ideal circumstances for the U.S. government, dealing with a possible confrontation with China is a problem that is, in many ways, intractable. And our circumstances are far from ideal. The U.S. economy is dangerously and closely linked to China, particularly in the high tech sector, making confrontation risky economically for both parties, but […]

Video: Israel’s Aerial Dominance

December 2, 2021

Israel conducted Blue Flag aerial exercises in October with over 80 aircraft participating, including from NATO countries and India. Observers from Japan, Romania, Finland, Australia, South Korea, Croatia and the chief of the UAE Air Force were there as well to watch simulations of enemy air defenses and learn to fly against them. One of […]

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