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Imperial NATO is on the Way

July 11, 2024

NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The name should have been changed long ago, when NATO shifted its focus and operations south and eastward. NATO is shifting once again, most seriously by expanding its membership without any serous planning about how to secure its new flanks. Outgoing NATO Chief  Jens Stoltenberg said last month that China should face consequences […]

America’s Failed Promise About Iran

April 22, 2024

The Iranian government said its rocket and missile attack was “measured and moderate,” and that it could have, but did not choose to, launch a much bigger strike on Israel. Iran’s supporters in Europe and the United States appear to have agreed and spent much of last week counseling Israel to show restraint and forego […]

Iran Attacks Israel: JPC Statement and Analysis

April 14, 2024

Preliminary Results of Iran’s Attack on Israel: It was Largely a Failure The response of Saudi Arabia and Jordan was a huge breakthrough: it is the first time Arab countries participated in defending Israel. Here are the preliminary results from the Iranian attacks last night: 170 Kamikaze Drones were fired. None entered Israeli territory. At […]