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U.S. Navy Upping Its Game to Beat China

September 2, 2020

The US Navy is starting to deploy new anti-ship missiles and is improving its missile defenses in response to the challenge from China after a number of US Department of Defense-sponsored simulations showed the US would lose in a naval battle with China. While it is still a few years before full operational capability is reached, the renewed US […]

Israeli Firm Points Laser Sights on Low-Tech Enemies

August 14, 2020

Sometimes, your enemy is really big. Departments and ministries of defense spend billions on ships, planes, tanks and very large guns to meet very large threats. But if the post-9-11 era has taught defense planners anything, it is that some adversaries – knowing they cannot win a war on a conventional battlefield – plan instead […]

American Troops Pulled From Germany As NATO Falters

August 4, 2020

The first troop reductions in Germany under President Donald Trump’s order have taken place, and many in the national security community are aghast, even The Wall Street Journal. The President based his decision on Germany’s failure to contribute adequately to NATO defense, flouting an agreed on 2% (of GDP) threshold for national defense contributions, but the story […]

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