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Missile Attacks Reflect Changing Strategic Landscape

May 11, 2018

While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu marched in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Immortal Regiment in memory of Russian fighters who died in World War II, Israel was getting ready to retaliate for an Iranian rocket attack on Israeli military units in the strategically sensitive Golan. Israel attributed the missile attack to Iran’s al-Quds […]

Source Code Sharing is a Terrible Idea

February 2, 2018

Source codes are the instructions written by a computer programmer that powers its software. It contains all the secret instructions in a program that, if discovered, would enable the software source to be stolen. Any software, from your games to America’s military systems. For decades, therefore, the U.S. government export control system refused to allow software […]

Are U.S. Missile Interceptors Any Good?

August 4, 2017

There is now evidence from credible analysts that the North Korean ICBM test shot had a problem: the warhead shredded on re-entry.  That is good news for the United States and probably for anyone else facing a threat from North Korea, which certainly includes South Korea and Japan, and maybe others including even China.  In fact, […]

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