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Video: Russia, Wagner and War Featuring Stephen Bryen

August 24, 2023

Stephen Bryen believes Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of Russia’s Wagner group mercenary army, died in the wreckage of one of his private planes on August 23. Some early news reports noted speculation Prighozin might not have been aboard. Bryen also strongly suspects that the plane was shot down, not felled by a bomb smuggled on board […]

Will Biden Send U.S. Airpower for Ukraine Offensive?

April 27, 2023

As a practical matter, any modern military offensive launched without air cover is a suicide mission. Ukraine no longer has much of an air force, even with the addition of perhaps a dozen or so old MIG-29s acquired from NATO countries. Some of those are not flyable and others are being disassembled and used for parts. Ukraine’s operational […]

Ukraine is Not Worth a Nuclear War

March 29, 2023

Before the participants stumble into nuclear conflict, Russia & the US should work out nuclear-arms agreements The Ukraine war has become a game of resources. Both the Russians and the West (the US and NATO) are throwing in vast amounts of munitions, armor, aircraft and manpower. Both sides are concerned about the galloping consumption of […]